Predator Support-U7135
U7135 Supported Applications.

DiabloSport Edition
(Boots up with DiabloSport logo in the window)

Predator Update

1. In order to do a update your Predator to the latest revision, please download the Revision update instructions below. If you have any questions concerning any of the below directions, please feel free to contact us..

2. If you have any questions concerning any of the above directions, please feel free to contact us 561.908.0040.

3. NOTE: Loading older croms to a Predator can cause the unit to become inoperable.

4. You MUST restore the the original backup (stock tune) to your vehicle before updating your Predator. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your saved original backup file and will require a trip to the dealer for a reflash in order to make the Predator work again.


DescriptionLast UpdateRevisionFile
Release 9r30 (current)11-02-20129r30u7135-9r30.crom (1241988k)
Release 9r17 (Added support for 68061225AA , revised the 09 srt8 M6 tunes for a 3rd gear torque limiter.)03-13-099r17
Release 9r16 (Fix for WOT fuel parameter not working in 2009 5.7L, Fix for slow decel in 2009 manual transmission tunes)02-24-099r16
Release 9r15 (Support for 2009 5.7L auto/manual, 2009 6.1L manual, 2 new 2008 calids and export 2006 SRT8 Jeep GC added)02-12-099r15
Release 9r14 (Support for export 2008 SRT8 Jeep GC added)01-29-099r14
Release 9r13 (Support for 2009 SRT8 Charger/Challenger/300 and Jeep GC with AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION ONLY added)01-22-099r13
Release 9r12 (current w/o 09 support)(Fix for modify parameters menu running very slow)NEW PRODUCTION TOOLS CANNOT BE DOWNGRADED TO OLDER REVISIONS. Attempting to do so will keep the tool from properly booting up01-22-099r12u7135-9r12 (crom) 864k
Release 9r11 (Fix for tire size adjustment freezing up in r10 )01-15-099r11
Release 9r10 (Revised Jeep tunes, downgrade of calibrations when new ones are updated by dealer enabled )12-24-089r10
Release 9r09 (support for new 08 5.7L calids ending in AG, axle ratio 3.28 and 3.33 added )11-25-089r09
Release 9r08 (modify stock tune and original backup was not visible for the new 06 calids we added, this is fixed now )08-27-089r08
Release 9r07 (Fix for Quick adjust change made in r06)08-20-089r07
Release 9r06 (support for new 06 5.7L and 08 srt8 jeep calids, ALL tunes adjusted for better launch and better fuel economy, SRT8 LX cars better wot shifts, shift points removed for 08's)08-20-089r06
Release 9r05 (Fix for screen going blank after an update)07-23-089r05
Release 9r04 (Fix for QA menu getting stuck on cycle key message if adjusted right after a backup has been taken)04-01-089r04
Release 9r03 (Added support for new 2006 & 2008 5.7L calids, added more gear ratio choices, added more shift points for 5.7L's, added more autostick disable options)03-31-089r03
Release 9r02 (internal update, NO TUNING CHANGES)03-11-089r02
Release 9r01 (Fix calibration update for early 05's, Fix for import of custom tune before backup is taken, Rear 02 config parameter edited to delete all codes for rear 02's)03-05-089r01
Release 20 (Fix for import of unsupported calid custom tune before taking a backup)01-30-08r20
Release 19 (Support for MY2008 vehicles, updated calids for 07 vehicles, Jeep AWD fix,tunes revised,axle ratio QA added, NOTE: 07 5.7L's will require you to do a calibration update after updating to this revision)01-28-08r19
Release 18 (Idle surge fix, Autostick fix for 06-07 5.7L,Autstick feature removed from 07 SRT8, Live data export fix, support for 06 jeep srt8(export),MBT spark adjustment added, knock sensor parameter removed)11-19-07r18
Release 17 Support for, early05,export and police calids added. Live Data added.)10-30-07r17
Test 16a(Fix for quick adjust issues in r16, except autostick disable in 07srt8)10-17-07t16a
Release 16 (EGR/MDS/Rear 02 disable,low throttle response improvement,wot fuel adjust fix)10-17-07r16
Release 14 (Release)09-28-07r14
DS DownloaderLast UpdateRevisionFile
DS Downloader Installer08-13-2015......1DSDownloader_Installer_2.2.2.11.exe (exe) 10109k
DiabloSport USB-Serial DriversOSPart NumberFile
Sewell Drivers(blue cabled with word "SEWELL" imprinted on side)XP, 98U7777, U7778Sewell_Setup_XP.exe
Prolific Drivers98SE,WINME,2000,XP SP2 (32 & 64 bit),Vista(32 & 64 bit),Win 7(32 & 64 bit)U7777, U7778PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v110.exe

Old Prolific Drivers

Prolific DriversXP, 98U7777, U7778PL-2303_Driver_Installer.exe
Prolific Vista DriversVistaU7777, U7778PL-2303HXD_Vista_Driver_Installer.exe
Prolific XP 64-bit Drivers (untested)XP 64-bitU7777, U7778wd_pl2303h-hx-x_64-bit_v2018.zip
Data ViewerLast UpdateRevisionFile
Data Viewer (Trinity/Predator version)08-13-2015......7DataViewer_3.3.0.17.exe (exe) 16068k


DescriptionLast UpdateFile
Predator Manual10-01-07U7135_Manual.pdf (pdf)
Hemi Custom Tune Instructions10-22-07Hemi_custom_tune_instructions.doc (doc)
  ** Current, Updated Instructions **August 2010Current, Updated Instructions

DiabloSport products are not intended for sale or use in the state of California on emission regulated vehicles.

DiabloSport diesel products are not intended for use in emission controlled vehicles and are manufactured specifically for racing vehicles.