Predator 2 Part Number 7101 – A Performance Tuner for Ford cars!

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If you have owned a Mustang in the last 15 years, chances are that you have seen a Predator in action. Until its discontinuation in 2008, the DiabloSport Predator was a world leader in performance tuners for Mustangs, used by NMRA champions from every class to get huge horsepower gains for their race cars. We’re excited because Predator is now back and better than ever with the same great track-tested performance tunes that users worldwide have come to trust!

On a Mustang GT with a 5.0L Coyote engine, Predator owners can see peak power gains of 20 horsepower and 25 Ft/Lbs of torque when running 93 octane fuel. The power gains don’t stop there- there are huge mid-range torque gains that will open the car up like never before. Couple the power gains with the Diablo tune’s crisp, performance style shifts, and your upgraded Mustang will drive better than the day you bought it!

With the Predator you can also tweak your tune to  remove your top speed limiter (perfect for your track top speed), adjust your cooling fan on/off temps, or even set up your car’s speed/trans for an aftermarket gear swap. The legendary Predator Tuner is the single best upgrade you can do for your Mustang- it gets you more power, and more options, than any other single bolt-on you can install on your car!

*Note:  CMR custom tunes are not available on this product. 


Tuning for 1999-2017 Ford Mustang GT, GT500, and V6

Image of a 2015 Ford Mustang GTWe have been tuning Mustangs since the old piggyback chip days, so it is without question that we know our way around mod motors. We have seen the Mustang in every iteration since its infancy in EFI! The good news is that whether you have a 4.6L, V6, a Coyote 5.0 or anything in between, our Predator 2 programmer makes a ton of power over stock. You get an awesome performance upgrade from a tried and true performance tuning company without the need of extra custom tunes, emails, or file loading. Right out of the box, the Predators tunes will compete with any “custom tune” you can get for your stock Mustang!

Predator 2 Programmer Mustang Tuning Features:

  • Add 15-30 HP/20-30 TQ*
  • Raise Speed & Rev Limits
  • Includes custom tunes for Cold Air Intakes
  • Turn off traction control
  • Launch Control Options


Tuning for 1999-2014 Supercharged Ford Cars

Image of a 2015 Ford Mustang GT500Since the original SVT Cobra, our tunes get the most out of supercharged Fords. Not only does the Predator increase stock performance by 30+ HP, but we went a step further by adding specific options that can make the gains HUGE!

Predator 2 Programmer Key Mustang GT500, and SVT Cobra Vehicle Tuning Features:

  • Add 30+ HP, 30+ TQ
  • Includes custom tunes for upgraded MAFs
  • Allows user adjustment of hundreds of key tuning options
  • Advanced Data Logging & Data Streaming to PC