Predator 2  (P2) Pro Performance Programmer

Automotive Tuning for Diesel and Gas Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

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The Predator Pro is the perfect custom tuning companion to tune your car for after market bolt on mods. It is designed specifically for use with custom tuning ONLY a. It holds 4 custom tunes in it’s memory and will interface with DiabloSport’s data logging software to allow you to see how your custom tune is reacting.

The Predator Pro works with a huge selection of late model cars and trucks from Ford, GM, and Dodge. You can run it on your Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Challenger, Ram, F150, Silverado, or any other supported application. You can get your custom tunes from a DiabloSport CMR tuning shop either on-line or in person on their dyno. The CMR tuner will build you a tune tailored to the mods you’ve installed to extract maximum horsepower out of your ride.  You can use our simple drag and drop process to load your custom tunes and be ready to tune in no time!

The ability to load up to 4 custom tunes on the device will help you when you visit the track too! You can ride in on 93 octane fuel, and when you get to the track, dump the pump gas and put in some race fuel and be ready to lay down some awesome track times.  You can keep tunes for all types of fuel or track conditions ready on your device so you can deliver the tune you need to optimize your day at the track.


New design with a slim, sleek, case that fits in the palm of your hand

– Load custom tunes from DiabloSports CMR tuning suite
– Store multiple tunes to device
– Monitor and log up to 16+ vehicle parameters
– Reads/Clears diagnostic trouble codes
– USB connection for updates and downloads
– Offline drag and drop tune installation