What is CMR?

CMR is the industry's leading tuning and EFI Calibration software for Dodge, Ford and GM vehicles. DiabloSport's CMR tuning software taps in to factory ECMs and PCMs and unlocks the vehicles true potential! Tunable parameters include spark timing tables, fuel tables, Volumetric Efficiency, Power Enrichment, MAP Resolution, MAF curve adjustment, and many more! Using ChipMaster Revolution users can calibrate support vehicles for light bolt on modifications or tune 1,000 HP Race cars!

How it Works

Every vehicle tuned with CMR will require a DiabloSport tuning product such as the Predator, Trinity, or a CMR Chip. Tuners will develop their calibration on the dyno with the CMR tuning software and load their tune file on to one of DiabloSports tuning products such as the Predator, Trinity or Revolution Chip. The Predator and Trinity will each hold 5 custom tunes and are required equipment to tune any 05 or newer Dodge, Ford or GM vehicle. The DiabloSport CMR Chip R1000 for Ford vehicles holds two custom tunes that are switchable while driving with the optional R1010 toggle switch.

Great Functions, Simple Interface.

ChipMaster uses an easy to understand graphic user interface populated with useful functions such as DiabloSport's Calibration Wizard. The CAL Wizard and DiabloSport CAL Files allow for quick changes to be made and duplicated from vehicle to vehicle. CAL Files also include basic starting points for popular modifications such as injector changes, MAP and MAF sensor swaps, power adders like superchargers and turbos, and tons more. Whether using Diablosport's CAL Files or creating your own, CMR offers simple solutions for getting vehicles on and off the dyno quickly, while still calibrating effectively.

No Hidden Charges or Fees.

DiabloSport offers new vehicle support and new year model support at NO CHARGE. When new vehicles hit the lot, DiabloSport goes to work on adding support in CMR. Once you purchase CMR, you don't need to pay an annual upkeep or update fee. CMR tuning software allows users to make UNLIMITED tunes for any Dodge, Ford, or GM Predator, Trinity or Chip. That means whether you sell them a device or not, you can make all the tunes and generate some serious profit!

Data logging support for 99-11 apps.

DiabloSport's Data Viewer software is a free download for any supported DiabloSport vehicle. Data viewer lets you record OBD-II data streams directly to your PC through any connected Predator or Trinity. Data Viewer supports most factory PIDs and DMRs and allows graphing and gauge style digital read outs or playback. Log files can also be directly saved on to a Trinity or Predator and exported to data viewer for viewing later- a perfect solution for remote or email tuning.u sell them a device or not, you can make all the tunes and generate some serious profit!

Custom Tuning is needed whenever you add certain aftermarket products.
DiabloSport Standard default tunes are designed for stock/mildly modified vehicles only.

DiabloSport understands that not every vehicle is identical and that some vehicles with certain modifications require special attention. The predator is set up to work with stock to mildly modified vehicles. Custom tuning is required for applications that exceed this. DiabloSport CMR dealers can make the tune for you.

Diablosport's large network of dealers using Chipmaster Revolution Software can dyno tune your car or truck at their location or you can also get tunes via e-mail. Your car or truck does not have to be heavily modified to benefit from custom dyno tuning. Please lookup a dealer in your area using our dealer locator.

Usually, Custom Tune is usually completed within a few days after they receive your Original Tune or request for changes (more info below). Please Contact your CMR dealer for all of your custom tuning needs. You will have to supply the tuner with your Original Tune.

The steps necessary to custom program your vehicle:

  • The steps necessary to custom program your vehicle:
  • read your vehicle's ORIGINAL (stock) tune with the Predator
  • transfer the tune into your PC using our Windows based PC Interface
  • email it to the tuner
  • tuner will modify it per your specification
  • tuner will email the custom tune to you
  • transfer it back into your Predator using the same PC Interface
  • the last easy step is to flash-program it into your vehicle

Many of your custom tuning questions involving DiabloSport products may already be answered in the FAQ section of our website.

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DiabloSport products are not intended for sale or use in the state of California on emission regulated vehicles.

DiabloSport diesel products are not intended for use in emission controlled vehicles and are manufactured specifically for racing vehicles.