Buy a Reaper Stage 1 Kit and Receive an Additional Vehicle License for Free!

Receive a Free Vehicle License Now thru April 30th 2018

Spring is here and it’s time to get your ride ready!  The DiabloSport Reaper Stage 1 kits are the perfect upgrade to take your vehicle to the next level.  These kits include a Jammer cold air intake system and an inTune i3 Platinum performance tuner.  This potent combo is designed to pair perfectly and bring a fresh air charge into the motor and take advantage of that with optimized tuning.  Today, DiabloSport is making the deal sweeter by offering a free additional vehicle license for the inTune i3 programmer with the purchase of a Reaper kit.  That means you can equip your ride with huge gains in performance and efficiency and then use your device to program a 2nd vehicle, at no cost!

How Do I Get My Free Vehicle License

Buy any Reaper Stage 1 kit now thru April 30th to qualify for the free inTune i3 vehicle license.  After your purchase, fill out our redemption form and mail that in with the UPC and your sales receipt, and we’ll do the rest.  With the Reaper Stage 1 kit promotion, you can have two vehicles programmed and get a high performance intake system at an incredible savings.  Act now to get your free vehicle license!

What Is Included In A Reaper Stage 1 Kit

You will receive an inTune i3 Platinum performance programmer and a Jammer cold-air-intake for your gas vehicle with the Reaper Stage 1 Kit.  The i3’s tuning is perfectly suited to run with increased airflow that the Jammer intake provides.   In addition to the industry-leading, pre-loaded performance tunes, the i3 Platinum also includes custom tuning capabilities.  Consumers can leverage the i3 Platinum, down the road, should they elect to add a custom tune from one of Diablo’s trusted, CMR custom tuners.  With the Reaper Kit, you’re covered for now and for when you get that dream build ready with all your favorite performance parts.