CMR: Chip Master Revolution

The industry’s leading custom tuner and EFI Calibration software for Dodge, Ford and GM vehicles.

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Why We Designed CMR

cmr_logo-1DiabloSport designed CMR because we are tuner and horsepower obsessed just like you. Unfortunately, our garage isn’t big enough to fit every car in the world. We empower you, the tuner, with the most sophisticated tuning software on the market today. Together we can end the trend of boring and lackluster cars by providing everyone a custom tuner and delivering to the world “Power You Can Feel.” You can now find a calibrator and purchase a custom tuner near you.


Progression of Tuning

Owners of modern vehicles still want to make modifications as they did with the classics, but the latest computer technology has made certain aspects of doing so more difficult for the average enthusiast. While a DiabloSport handheld programmer is one of the best first means of improving performance, after a while, a tune just isn’t enough. The customer wants to squeeze every last drop of torque and horsepower out of the vehicle. CMR comes in allowing you to custom tune the vehicle especially for the customer’s needs and aftermarket modifications. From there the sky is the limit: you can add bolt-on cams, headers, fuel injectors, turbo, or supercharger– all of which hinge on a custom tune. If you aren’t tuning with CMR right now your shop is missing out on profit because the customer is getting their DiabloSport custom tune elsewhere.


how_it_worksHow it Works

DiabloSport’s CMR tuning software taps in to factory PCM’s and unlocks the vehicles true potential! Tuneable parameters include spark timing tables, fuel tables, Volumetric Efficiency, Power Enrichment, MAP Resolution, MAF curve adjustment, and many more! Using ChipMaster Revolution users can calibrate support vehicles from street cars with light bolt on modifications to 1,000 HP Race cars!

Every vehicle tuned with CMR will require a DiabloSport tuning device such as the Trinity, inTune and inTune i2, Predator or a CMR Chip. Tuners will develop their calibrations on the dyno with the CMR tuning software, load it onto the appropriate Diablosport device, and then program the vehicle with that device. The Trinity, InTune, and Predator can each hold 5 custom tunes. The DiabloSport CMR Chip R1000 for Ford EEC-IV and EEC-V vehicles holds two custom tunes that are switchable while driving with the optional R1010 toggle switch.


CAL Filescal_files

CMR uses an easy to understand graphic user interface populated with useful functions, such as DiabloSport’s Calibration Wizard creates CAL files for popular bolt-on mods for 1996-2010 Mustangs, such as Injectors and MAF sensors. The CAL Wizard and DiabloSport CAL Files allow for quick change that can be duplicated from vehicle to vehicle. CAL Files also include basic starting points for popular modifications such as injector changes, MAP and MAF sensor swaps, power adders like superchargers and turbos, and tons more. Whether using DiabloSport’s CAL Files or creating your own, CMR offers simple solutions for getting vehicles on and off the dyno quickly, while still calibrating effectively.


dataviewerData Viewer

DiabloSport’s Data Viewer software is a free download for any supported vehicle. Data viewer lets you record OBD-II data streams directly to your PC through any connected inTune or Trinity. Data Viewer supports most factory PIDs and DMRs and allows graphing and gauge style digital readouts for a live display or playback. Log files can also be directly saved to a Trinity or inTune and exported to DataViewer for viewing later — a perfect solution for remote or email tuning.



one_time_feeOne-Time Fee

DiabloSport offers updates to add new vehicle models and model years at no charge. When new vehicles hit the lot, DiabloSport goes to work on adding support in CMR. CMR is a one-time purchase and there are no annual upkeep or update fees. The CMR tuning software does not require credits or licenses; it allows users to make UNLIMITED tunes for any Dodge, Ford, or GM vehicle. However, a Trinity, inTune, Predator or Chip is required for EVERY VEHICLE you tune. That means whether you directly sell them a tuning device or not, tunes can be created at will and generate some serious profit!




Tech Support

You get dedicated support with your purchase of CMR. Once you purchase the software you will be provided with an email address for direct contact to our tech support and calibrators. Who better to ask for support than calibrators who developed the base tunes in our handheld programmers and spent hundreds of hours working with the vehicles to develop the tunes? You will also get access to our online CMR support forum accessible by dealers only. The forums are loaded with CAL Files and tuning tips for all the most popular applications.



CMR100—Ford Gas

  • 1989–2017 Mustang
  • 2011–2017 F150 Ecoboost 2.7/3.5L (17 coming soon)
  • 1996–2017 Ford F150 V8
  • 1999–2004 Ford SVT Lightning
  • 2005–2011 Ford Crown Victoria
  • 2005–2011 Ford Ranger 2.0/3.0/4.0L
  • 2005–2010 Mercury Grand Marquis
  • 2005–2010 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2006–2010 Ford Explorer V6/V8
  • 1999–2005 Ford Excursion 5.4/6.8L
  • 2013–2016 Explorer Sport
  • 2013–2016 SHO/Flex/MKS
  • 2013-2016 Ford Focus ST
  • 2013-2016 Ford Fiesta ST

CMR600—Ford Diesel

  • 1996–2002 Ford 7.3L Diesel
  • 2003–2007 Ford 6.0L Diesel

CMR200—GM Gas

  • 2010–2017 Camaro LS3/L99/LSA/LT1
  • 1999–2017 GM Truck/SUV (4.8/5.3/6.0/6.2/8.1L)
  • 1999–2017 Corvette C5/C6/C7/Z06 (LS1/LS2/ LS3/LS6/LS7/LT1/LT4)
  • 2009-2013 Corvette ZR1
  • 1999–2002 F-Body Camaro, Z28, Firebird/Trans-Am (5.7L LS1)
  • 2004–2006 GTO/SSR LS1/LS2
  • 2006–2009 Monte Carlo/Impala SS
  • 2008–2010 Pontiac G8 GT/GXP
  • 2013–2015 Cadillac CTS 2.0T
  • 2005–2015 Cadillac CTS-V
  • 2013–2015 Cadillac ATS Turbo
  • 2013–2015 Cadillac ATS/CTS 3.6L
  • 2006–2009 Trailblazer SS
  • 2006 Trailblazer 5.3L
  • 2014–2016 Chevrolet SS 6.2L
  • 2011-2015 Cruze/Sonic 1.4L Turbo
  • 2008-2016 Canyon/Colorado 3.6L

CMR300—Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Gas

  • 2005–2017 Charger/Challenger/Magnum/300
  • 2015-2017 Charger/Challenger Hellcat
  • 2003–2017 Ram 5.7L
  • 2005–2010 Ram 4.7L V8
  • 2005–2017 Durango 5.7L
  • 2011–2017 Durango 3.6L
  • 2008–2011 Dakota
  • 2008–2009 Caliber SRT4
  • 2008–2009 Avenger
  • 2003–2005 Neon SRT4
  • 2005–2010 Commander 5.7L
  • 2005–2017 Grand Cherokee 5.7/6.1/6.4L
  • 2011–2017 Grand Cherokee 3.6L
  • 2005–2017 Wrangler TJ/JK (3.6/3.8L)
  • 2011–2015 200
  • 2003–2006 PT Cruiser GT