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DiabloSport - The Redeye!

This is our R&D vehicle for the DiabloSport brand. Its a 2019 Dodge Challenger Redeye Widebody. When you need to make sure your software can handle any task, you have to put it to the test! The car has been lightly modified and has tremendous results to show for it. A best time of 9.29 @ 146 mph has been achieved with a best 60′ time of 1.28.

Mods include:

  • 2.75 upper pulley
  • ID1300 injectors
  • Fore dual pump fuel system
  • P4D diff brace
  • Wheels/Tires for track use
  • E85 fuel

Rather impressive for such a simple combo!

Matt B - Marketing - 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 - Whipple/Air Ride/Race Trans/Forged Internals

My car is a 2012 Challenger SRT8 that has been modified pretty extensively.  I wanted to showcase how Diablo tuning can help bring a build together and make it a true high-performance machine that can be daily driven.  I bought my SRT8 Challenger with the plan in mind to compete with Hellcats, and in 2016 when this build took place, Hellcats were still new on the market.  I wanted to make sure that the car was built with the modifications in mind to compete with a hellcat on a track and handle daily driving with tons of miles.  The car had 74k miles when the build commenced and I had hoped to go way over 100k.

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Mike W - Calibrations - 2020 Mustang GT Procharged

Mikes 2020 GT waves the DiabloSport banner loudly! With a Procharger P1X under the hood, its capable of some serious power. Plan is to get it on E85, and see if we can’t get it into the 9s this winter, in 100% street legal trim, with the cats! He drives this car daily, which is no problem when the tune is dialed in perfectly.

Mike L - Marketing - 202 Mustang GT

I’ve been with DiabloSport for 15+ years and have owned all flavors of late model muscle. My most recent ride is a 2020 Mustang GT PP1. With nothing but our 93 octane tune, it ran 11.92 @ 118 at Orlando Speedworld Dragway. There are impressive gains to be had through tuning the genIII coyote and the A10 combo!

Chris W- Calibrations - 2020 F150 RCSB - Odin Supercharged

This truck is a beast! The 18+ F150 with the 5.0/A10 combo is an unassuming vehicle in stock form, but with a hot tune it ran 12.9 all stock. It was begging for more power, so it got a VMP Odin supercharger and some custom tuning from our CMR software. On (4) street tires on 22″ wheels, it ran 10.5 at 131 MPH.  It also had some nice cosmetic mods, full lowered suspension, and a compelte interior upgrade.

The truck has since been sold but has been in the 9s with the new owner!

James M - Calibrations - 2005 Neon SRT-4 ACR

This little pocket rocket is super clean, and most would never expect it to be packing 600+ whp. With some well chosen upgrades, and tuning, this little 4 cylinder makes all the steam! Its waiting on a new turbo and we may see even more power out of it yet.

Stephen - Technical Sales Manager - 2009 G8GT

You don’t seen these every day, especially bumping away with a nasty cam! Stephen’s G8 has been modified with some well chosen bolt on’s and a cam swap, and runs like a champ.  The LS platforms are great at making big power, and its even more fun when you do it to something other then a Camaro or Corvette.

Bryan F- Technical Sales - 2016 Ram 1500 5.7 RCSB

With a Diablo tune and no extra doors to carry around, this Ram 1500 is a beast on the street. It serves as a daily driver and hauler while looking great in the process!

Anthony M - Tech Sales - 2014 Mustang GT

I have worked for the company since 2011 and been around muscle cars my entire life.


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Jim H - Engineering - 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat A8

I’m a software engineer and love being able to combine my passion for technology and computers with my passion for cars. Growing up I was a gear head and worked in old school speed shops. I moved over into the technology world and have been a programmer for many years. Several years ago I got the opportunity to combine computers and hot rodding by coming to work here and haven’t looked back! I’m not a “brand” guy. If it’s fast I like it.


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Andy W - PCM Production Supervisor - 2018 Charger Scat Pack 392

I love power of the 392, I believe its the best bang for your buck in the Dodge performance line. Dodge has the most aggressive line up when it comes picking a performance vehicle. My car was used in some of the DiabloSport Ads.


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Mike L - Customer Service Manager - 2017 Charger 392

Its a 2017 Charger Scat Pack in GoManGo. Awesome car. The 392 HEMI makes all the power. Its currently sitting at 435 rwhp with just custom tuning and a Cold Air Intake. Its been 12.0 @ 114 MPH in the 1/4 mile with plans to be in the 11’s very soon. This car serves as R&D for much of our HEMI offerings so we’re always trying something new here.

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Matt B - Marketing - 2015 Ford F350 - Leveled/20's/Predator 2 Tune/

My truck is primarily used for towing and daily driving.  I haven’t built this for high performance, but making real performance on a diesel can be easily attained.  I wanted to make sure the truck looked a certain way, so I went with the Ready-Lift leveling kit and RBP 20×12 wheels.  Next up is RBP steps, RBP grille, LED lighting and Jammer intake/exhaust.

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