DiabloSport Presents: Horsepower Wars 2020

Saturday March 28th, 2020 Orlando Florida

Horsepower Wars

Horsepower Wars is all about showcasing the best in the automotive performance aftermarket.  You can be a Ford guy, an LS fanatic, or a Mopar or No Car kind of person.  Regardless, you’re welcome here.  This year, Horsepower Wars is going to the track! Horsepower Wars 2018/2019 were dyno competitions held at the DiabloSport facility in Sanford Florida. However, for 2020, we’re taking it to the track! March 28th, 2020, will be a day full of high-performance action with drag racing, vendors, and car show!

Horsepower Wars is definitely focused on the power, but there’s no reason we can’t also appreciate all the hard work that goes into making some of the most eye-catching rides around.  That is why we’ll also have a Show-N-Shine for cars, trucks, Jeeps® and SUVs.  So whether your ride is All Go, All Show, or a blend of both, Horsepower Wars is the place to be!  This is a family-friendly event so bring your kids, your neighbors, and tell a friend.

Where:  Orlando Speed World  19164 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32820  (google maps link)

When:  Saturday, March 28th, 2019  10:00 AM to 8:00 PM


Leah Pritchett is back for Horsepower Wars 2020

We’re thrilled to have Leah Pritchett involved with Horsepwer Wars 2020.  She will be very involved with the event including hosting our burnout competition, judging show-n-shine winners, and, of course, doing what she does best DRAG RACING!  Leah is the fastest woman in drag racing and she’ll be available for autographs and to interact with everyone at Horsepower Wars 2020.

As a bonus, the winner of the Factory Forced Induction Class will get a chance to race Leah in an exhibition match in the DiabloSport Redeye.


We’re going big with Horsepower Wars.  We’re non-stop working to make this event as big as possible, but with just a single day to showcase all the power and upgrades, we’ll only have so many drag racing class spots and show-n-shine entries available.  Pre-register now to ensure that you’re space is saved and ready!  The first 100 people to pre-register will get a special swag pack when you show up at the event! 

Note: Pre-Registration does not count as your ticket to the event.  Tickets for spectators/car show entries and tech cards will be available at the gate.

Ticket Costs

Spectator/Car Show Entry – $20

Tech Card + Entry Intro One Drag Race Class – $30




Drag Racing Classes


  • Battle of the brands Naturally Aspirated – $500 PRIZE + TRINITY 2
    • Class Description
      • Have a Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Ram, F150, Silverado or similar vehicle? This class is for you.  The battle of brands matches up factory cars/trucks/SUVs in a battle to see who takes home the W at Horsepower Wars.
    • Class Rules 
      • Vehicles can have simple bolt-on modifications, but no power adders (turbo/nitrous/supercharger).  DOT tire required.


  • Battle of the Brands Forced Induction/Nitrous – $500 PRIZE + TRINITY 2
    • Class Descriptions
      • Have an aftermarket forced induction car, truck or SUV? This class is for you.  If you’re added a single aftermarket power adder like a supercharger, turbo, or nitrous, this will be the perfect class to showcase your ride!
    • Class Rules 
      • Vehicles are allowed one power adder.  DOT tire required.


  • Factory forced induction shootout – $750 PRIZE + TRINITY 2
    • Class Description
      • Have a ZL1, GT500, Trackhawk, Hellcat or similar vehicle? This class is for you!  All 3 domestic OEM’s have high-performance forced induction options right from the factory, this is the class to see who does it best on the track.
    • Class Rules 
      • Vehicles must have factory power adder, and no additional power adders.  DOT tire required.


  • Factory Forced Induction Modded Shootout – $1,000 PRIZE + TRINITY 2
    • Class Description
      • If you’ve taken your GT500, ZL1, ZR1, Trackhawk, Hellcat or similar vehicle to the limit of what a streetcar can handle, then this class is for you. Vehicles can have any blower or modification but must be a VIN equipped vehicle with factory panels.
    • Class Rules
      • Any blower or power added is allowed, must have a VIN with factory panels, DOT Tire Required


  • Unlimited class – $750 PRIZE + TRINITY 2
    • Class Description
      • If you’ve built a dedicated race car with serious performance in mind, this is the class to show what you can do! Vehicles are allowed to have any power adders, including multiple power adders.  The vehicle must weigh 3,000 LBS or more.  No tire restrictions.
    • Class Rules
      • Unlimited power adders, does not need to be street legal, 3,000 LB minimum weight


  • Best of the rest –  $400 PRIZE + TRINITY 2
    • Class Description
      • Have a ride that doesn’t fit into the categories above, this class may be just what you need!  Trucks, imports, any anything under the sun that fits into the rules below are allowed in this class.
    • Class Rules
      • DOT tires required, mods are allowed, but no power adders (nitrous, turbo, supercharger).

DiabloSport reserves the right to reassign vehicles based on the level of build to better fit our categories.

Horsepower Wars Show-N-Shine

Anytime a group of car and truck guys get together, there has to be a show-n-shine.  We know that many high powered rides also look amazing with great custom touches.  We are putting together a show-n-shine to run during the Horsepower Wars event complete with 4 winners taking home a cash prize and a product of choice.

Show-N-Shine Classes


Show-N-Shine Prizes

Leah’s Pick – $250 + Trinity 2

Cleanest Ride – $200 + Trinity 2

Diablo’s Car Pick – $200 + Trinity 2

Diablo’s Truck Pick – $200 + Trinity 2