Software Downloads

Get the latest software for your DiabloSport inTune, inTune i2, Predator, or Trinity tuner as well as PC programs by clicking a link below!

DS Downloader Utility

DSDL lets you connect your Predator or Trinity tuner to a PC for updates and custom tuning.
Updated: 2015-04-28


Data Viewer

This software for Windows allows you to open OBD-II Data Logs that you recorded with a DiabloSport tuner.
Updated: 2015-03-25


USB & Serial Drivers

Get the latest USB drivers by clicking a link below!

DiabloSport USB Driver Installer

This driver allows the Trinity T1000 to connect to a PC as well as allowing our Data Viewer software to connect to the inTune.
Updated: 2015-08-15
Version: 2.4


DiabloSport Predator USB Driver Installer

This driver is for use with USB to serial cables for the older Predator models
Updated: 2015-04-15


inTune I-1000/I-1000-DCX Firmware Downloads

Download the latest software databases to your inTune device. You can install them by plugging your inTune into a PC or Mac by dragging them to the inTune drive that mounts when connected.

Name Type Description Revision Manufacturer OEM Size Link
Pid Database Real time diagostic data 1r01a GM Diablo 21KB gm_pid-1r01a.itf
Tune Database Calibration Tunes, and Adjustable parameters data 1r02p GM Diablo 7970 KB gm_tunes-1r02p.itf
VIN Database Vehicle identification information data 1r01e All Diablo 6 KB vin-1r01e.itf
Tune Database Calibration Tunes, and Adjustable parameters data 1r02b Ford Diablo 16,323 KB ford_tunes-1r02b.itf
Pid Database Real time diagostic data 1r01b Ford Diablo 9 KB ford_pid-1r01b.itf
Info Database Databases information 1r01b All Diablo 2 KB dbnames-1r01b.itf
Pid Database Real time diagostic data 1r01b DCX Diablo 9 KB dcx_pid-1r01b.itf
Tune Database Calibration Tunes, and Adjustable parameters data 1r01e DCX Diablo 12,458 KB dcx_tunes-1r01e.itf
Info Database Databases information 1r01b DIABLO-DCX Diablo 10 KB diablodcx-dbnames-1r01b.itf
Tune Database Calibration Tunes, and Adjustable parameters data 1r01u DIABLO-DCX Diablo 15,713 KB diablodcx-dcx_tunes-1r01u.itf
DTC Codes Database Diagnostic trouble codes data 1r01a All Diablo 448 KB dtc_codes-1r01a.itf
CD-Rom ISO ISO InTune CD-ROM image 1r01u All Diablo 5,641 KB cdrom-1r01u.itf
inTune Application App inTune firmware application. 1r04e All Diablo 1,929 KB intune-1r04i.itf

Trinity T1000 Firmware Downloads

Download the latest software databases to your Trinity device using the DS Downloader (DSDL) software. First install DSDL, then use that software to load these files manually to your Trinity.

Name Link Revision Size Date Modified
Mega Crom trinity-1r13.crom 1r13d 32,956 KB 2015-09-25
Chrysler Gas trinity_dcx_gas-1r13e_update.crom 1r13 11,757 KB 2015-06-29
Ford CAN Diesel trinity_ford_can_diesel-1r13a_update.crom 1r13a 4,537 KB 2013-09-27
Ford CAN Gas trinity_ford_can_gas-1r13h_update.crom 1r13h 3,718 KB 2015-06-04
GM CAN Gas trinity_gm_can_gas-1r13l_update.crom 1r13l 2,430 KB 2015-07-07

Predator Firmware Downloads

These software downloads are designed specifically for Predator devices. These devices are now deprecated and are no longer maintained. These files are here for those who know what they are used for.

Name Link Revision Size Date Modified
U7130 Cummins u7130_cummins-9r09.crom 9r09 1.92 MB 2012-05-09
U7131 u7131-9r07.crom 9r07 1.89 MB 2011-03-04
U7134 u7134-9r22.crom 9r22 897 KB 2011-10-13
U7135 u7135-9r30.crom 9r30l 988 KB 2012-01-12
U7136 u7136-9r07.crom 9r07 930 KB 2011-03-08
U7137 u7137-9r14.crom 9r08 2.82 MB 2013-01-24
stang_05 u7140_stang_05-9r09 9r09 981 KB 2011-08-02
U7141 u7141-9r05 9r05 725 KB 2011-08-30
U7142 u7142_cobra-9r03 9r03 673 KB 2010-08-10
U7144 u7144_svt_focus-9r05.crom 9r05 550 KB 2010-08-10
U7145 u7145-9r07 9r05 1.08 MB 2010-08-04
U7146 u7146_mustang-9r09 9r09 746 KB 2011-01-07
U7147 u7147_crown_vic-9r04 9r04 783 KB 2011-02-04
U7150 u7150_gt40-9r03 9r03 673 KB 2012-11-02
U7151 u7151_f150-9r11 9r11 1.00 MB 2012-11-02
U7152 u7152_ford_v10-9r04 9r04 799 KB 2012-11-02
U7153 u7153_fseries-9r04 9r04 766 KB 2012-11-02
U7155 u7155-9r06 9r06 717 KB 2012-11-02
U7157 u7157_ranger-9r07 9r07 727 KB 2012-11-02
U7158 u7158_lightning-9r03 9r03 837 KB 2012-11-02
U7160 u7160_ford_6_0-7r45 7r45 764 KB 2012-11-02
U7164 u7164-9r17 9r17 4.59 MB 2013-03-22
U7165 u7165_pcm_6_0-9r15 9r15 962 KB 2012-11-02
U7170 u7170_ford_7_3-9r05 9r05 1.83 MB 2012-11-02
U7180 u7180-9r10 9r10 701 KB 2012-11-02
U7185 u7185-9r07 9r07 754 KB 2012-11-02
U7186 u7186_dmx_lly_lbz-9r15 9r15 1.40 MB 2012-11-02
U7191 u7191_gm_E40-9r03 9r03 921 KB 2012-11-02
U7192 u7192-9r13 9r13 878 KB 2012-11-02
U7193 u7193-9r11 9r11 957 KB 2012-11-02
U7194 u7194-9r31 9r31 1.91 MB 2012-11-02
U7198 u7198-9r18 9r18 895 KB 2012-11-02

Predator OEM Firmware Downloads

These software downloads are designed specifically for Predator units that were bought as part of a kit from another company such as Procharger, Edelbrock, SLP or others.

Name Revision Manufacturer Size Link
cnl_05 9r06 C&L 0.96 MB cl7140_cnl_05-9r06.crom
flx7193 9r02 Dynotune USA 920.02 KB flx7193-9r02.crom
flx7198 9r02 Dynotune USA 790.29 KB flx7198-9r02.crom
pc_05 9r02 Procharger 738.67 KB pc7140_pc_05-9r02.crom
pc7193 9r02 Procharger 779.32 KB pc7193-9r02.crom
pc7198 9r05 Procharger 775.95 KB pc7198-9r05.crom
e7140 9r05 Edelbrock 937.75 KB e7140-9r05.crom
slp7135 9r03 SLP 0.98 MB slp7135-9r03.crom
slp6000 9r08 SLP 832.67 KB slp6000-9r08.crom
slp7151 9r02 SLP 695.28 KB slp7151-9r02.crom
slp7151EO 9r02 SLP 636.31 KB slp7151EO-9r02.crom
slp900 9r01 SLP 665.10 KB slp7189eo_slp900-9r01.crom
slp7191 9r03 SLP 691.34 KB slp7191-9r03.crom
slp7193 9r04 SLP 798.86 KB slp7193-9r04.crom
slp7194 9r05 SLP 964.48 KB slp7194-9r05.crom
slp7195 9r04 SLP 665.46 KB slp7195-9r04.crom
slp7196 9r04 SLP 747.28 KB slp7196-9r04.crom
slp7197 9r04 SLP 753.02 KB slp7197-9r04.crom
slp7198 9r04 SLP 759.79 KB slp7198-9r04.crom
slp7199 9r03 SLP 756.39 KB slp7199-9r03.crom
vr7135 9r08 Vortech 930.90 KB vr7135-9r08.crom
vortech_05 9r09 Vortech 901.82 KB vr7140_vortech_05-9r09.crom
vortechf150 9r01 Vortech 688.16 KB vr7151_vortechf150-9r01.crom
vr7193 9r05 Vortech 748.99 KB vr7193-9r05.crom
vr7194 9r06 Vortech 664.05 KB vr7194-9r06.crom
vr7198 9r03 Vortech 747.92 KB vr7198-9r03.crom
wc7193 9r02 Whipple 874.46 KB wc7193-9r02.crom
wc7198 9r04 Whipple 772.03 KB wc7198-9r04.crom