2018 5.7L Dodge Challenger & Charger Performance Tuning Now Supported

The 2018 Challenger and Charger continue legacy of that Dodge has created by offering an amazing ride and thrilling performance.  DiabloSport knows these cars in and out and we know how to build power.  Our pre-loaded tuning on the 2018 Challenger/Charger adds up to 15 HP and 20 FT-LBS of TQ to the tires!  We also built in the custom options you’ve come to expect from DiabloSport including MDS disable, speed/rev limiter, throttle sensitivity and traction control adjust.  With DiabloSport’s innovative tuning solutions like the PCM swap kits and the PKITS, you’re sure to have the tools you need to turn your daily driver into a high performance machine.

If custom tuning or extensive modifications are something in your car’s future, then look to the PKIT products or the Platinum PCM swaps as they will give you nearly unlimited performance potential with CMR custom tuning.  Our nationwide network of CMR custom tuners can build tunes whatever mods you have in mind.  Equip your ride with DiabloSport tuning and get Power You Can Feel!

2018 5.7L Hemi Challenger/Charger Performance Levels

  • Diablo Performance Tune 93+ Octane | +15 HP / +20 TQ
  • 91 Octane Performance Tune | +8-13 HP / +8-18 TQ
  • Modified Stock Tune


Adjustable Parameters

  • Tire Size/Speedometer Correction
  • MDS Disable
  • Fan Temperature Adjust
  • WOT Fuel Adjust
  • Idle RPM
  • Rev Limiter
  • Speed Limiter
  • Spark Timing
  • Throttle Sensitivity
  • Traction Control Adjust


Learn more about how the PCM Swap and PKIT tuning solutions work at the link below.

2018 Dodge Tuning Products – PKITs and PCM Swaps