2022 5.7L and 6.4L Charger/Challenger Now Supported!

Give your 5.7L or 6.4L powered Charger or Challenger a Power Bump!

DiabloSport has long been the leader in late model Hemi tuning, and we continue that with our latest release. Expanded coverage for the 2022 model year , 5.7L/6.4L Chargers and Challengers has arrived! Power gains are key, and we deliver. Simply installing the 93 Octane Diablo Tune will add a solid 20 RWHP over stock. Combine those gains with features like speed limit disable, MDS disable, and Throttle Boost, and you have a winning combination! Tunes for 91 and 93 octane fuels are provided, as well as a Performance Transmission tune. When you tune your car with DiabloSport, you get more than just added power. We provide an enhanced driving experience that you have to feel for yourself!

Support for the 2022 models is available on the inTune 3 and Trinity 2 models. PCM swap options as well as kits with a PCM and tuner are available. As with any 2015+ Dodge application, the factory PCM must be unlocked before the tuner can be used in the vehicle. A bypass module is also required, and included with the kits.

Tunes and Power Gains:

  • 93 Octane Diablo Tune:
    5.7L – 20 RWHP/25 RWTQ
    6.4L – 20 RWHP/18 RWTQ
  • 91 Octane Tune:
    5.7L – 18 RWHP/20 RWTQ
    6.4L – 18 RWHP/16 RWTQ
  • Performance Transmission Tune

Features and Benefits:

  • MDS disable
  • Traction Control On/Off
  • Calibrate Tire Size
  • Raise Speed Limiter
  • Adjust Throttle Booster
  • Set Target Cooling Fan Temp
  • Set Idle Speed
  • Adjust Rev Limiter
  • WOT Fueling Adjustment
  • WOT Spark Adjustment


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