Diablosport adds 2019+ Ranger support!

Ranger Ecoboost Tuning now available!

Diablosport is thrilled to announce the addition of tuning support for the 2019-2020 Ranger 2.3 Ecoboost models to our existing tuner lineup! Huge power gains and multiple platform options are some of the highlights of this new coverage.

Starting with the Predator 2, we’ve delivered a budget-oriented device that offers all the basics you are looking for in a handheld tuner. Tunes for 87 octane, and Premium fuel, as well as Tow and Economy options, are available. There’s also tire and gear ratio adjustment, TPMS adjustment or disable, Cooling Fan temp adjustment, and more.

Moving up to the inTune i3 for Ford, there’s even more. You get tunes for 87 octane, 91 octane, and 93 octane fuels, plus a Tow tune. The i3 Platinum model offers in-depth tuning adjustments. Some of these options are Wide Open Throttle Spark Timing and Variable Cam Timing adjustments, Rev and Speed limiter adjustments, and Auto Start/Stop disable! The inTune i3 also adds WiFi to allow for easy updating away from a PC.

For the ultimate tuning solution, the Trinity 2 has your Ranger covered! The T2 for Ford models offers the same tuning options as the i3, and all the same user-adjustable options, like Global Spark adder, Tire size adjustment, Idle RPM, and more. Trinity 2 also offers a state-of-the-art, full-color touch screen display, which serves as a virtual dash for your Ranger! You’ll have tons of data at your fingertips, and with our Expandable Accessory System, there’s no limit to what you can display or control with your Trinity 2. With its built-in performance meter, you can track gains in performance. It also has multi-vehicle licensing, and a host of awesome features.

Power Gains

No matter which device you choose, the power gains on the 2.3 Ecoboost Ranger are nothing short of impressive!  Up 66 rwhp and 96 ft/lbs over stock can be had when used with 93 octane fuel. Predator 2, inTune 3 and Trinity 2 all offer these awesome power gains, check out the dyno sheet below:

<img src="2020-Ranger-23L_Tuned_vs_Stock_87_91_93.png" alt="Ranger Ecoboost dyno results" width="960" height="520">
Diablosport 2.3 Ranger EcoBoost dyno results