DiabloSport Jammer Cold Air Intake Kits

Diablosport jammer cold air intake systems

DiabloSport Jammer Cold Air Intakes Now Available

DiabloSport is all about automotive performance and up to this point we’ve achieved some of the best performance increases in the industry with our leading performance tuning.  Pairing our tuning with other upgrades, such as a cold air intake, is a great way to extract maximum power, mileage and drivability.  We’ve designed the new Jammer cold air intake system to work perfectly as an upgrade from clunky, unappealing, and under-performing stock systems.  We’ve made sure that the Jammer setup pairs perfectly with DiabloSport tuning in our inTune, Predator and Trinity product lines.

The key to knowing whether or not the Jammer Intake is good for your and your ride is to understand the benefits that come with the kit and the quality of the kit itself.  We use only premium materials to build the Jammer line as we know that quality in our products is key.  We’ve chosen a design that allows for maximum power potential, airflow and efficiency.  We also focused on building the Jammer to be affordable so you aren’t breaking the bank when upgrading your ride.  Ease of use, affordable pricing, and instant results are going to be the primary drivers behind your purchase of the Jammer cold air intake.

All-New Jammer Cold Air Intake Kits

183140-D    Ford Mustang 11-14 V8-5.0L
184140-D    Ford F-150 11-14 V8-5.0L
184141-D    Ford F-150 EcoBoost 12-14 V6-3.5L(tt)
284141-D    GM Silverado/Sierra 14-15 V8-5.3/6.2L
383141-D    Dodge Challenger/Charger 11-17 V8-6.4L SRT
384140-D    Dodge RAM 09-17 V8-5.7L HEMI
484141-D    Jeep Wrangler (JK) 12-16 V6-3.6L
484140-D    Jeep Wrangler (TJ) 97-06 L6-4.0L


Jammer Cold Air Intake Features:

  • Over 30% more airflow compared to factory intake systems
  • Durable 18-gauge, powder-coated heat shield to block hot engine compartment air
  • 6″ 360 degree air filter designed for optimum filtration and airflow
  • Dry filter design that requires no oil and is washable for improved longevity
  • Highly efficient molded plastic intake tube
  • Extremely easy install in place of factory system
  • Heavy duty t-bolt clamp for secure installation
  • Silicone throttle body adapter provided for tight seal and installation