When you think about the performance tuning aftermarket for Dodge vehicles, you think DiabloSport.  We’ve shown absolute market dominance in performance tuning, premium user interfaces, and custom tuning software.  When the highest production horsepower car ever released becomes available, it’s no surprise that Diablo tuned it first!

The 2018 840 HP Dodge Challenger Demon and the 707 HP Challenger/Charger Hellcats are the most coveted factory race cars on the planet.  These cars come equipped with record breaking power, but we know that there is more to be had.  DiabloSport CMR custom tuning software now supports these cars on the industry-leading inTune i3 and the all-new, feature-packed, Trinity 2!

As with any 2015+ Dodge vehicle, an unlocked PCM is required.  Currently, we are offering a mail-in PCM modification to unlock tuning potential.  We will have unlocked PCM’s available for purchase by mid-March.  Tuning the 2018 vehicles will require a separate piece of hardware that will work with the unlocked PCM to enable tuning.  Please speak with your tech support representative about the details.

How do I get my 2018 Hellcat/Demon PCM unlocked?
Please call 866-404-6141 to generate an RMA with our tech team to send in your PCM to be modified.  The tech support team is open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST, Monday thru Friday

After your PCM has been unlocked by DiabloSport, you’re ready to get your custom tune written.  Find a CMR custom tuner near you with our dealer locator here.

What can I tune my 2018 Hellcat/Demon with?

The inTune i3 Platinum, PN 8345, and the Trinity 2 Platinum, PN 9345, are the two products that are capable of tuning the 2018 Demon/Hellcat with custom CMR tunes.  You would need to complete the PCM unlock process and obtain the cable necessary to tune the vehicle and then you can get a CMR custom tune written by our DiabloSport CMR tuners to load onto your device.  These steps will need to be followed in order to tune your 2018 Hellcat/Demon.

Demon/Hellcat CMR First to Market Custom Tuning Features:

Engine Tuning:

  • Multi-fuel control
  • Multi-spark map control
  • Injection scaling
  • Neural network override
  • Electronic exhaust valving override
  • ETC adjustment
  • Red and black key power adjustment control as well as valet mode
  • Torque calculation control

Transmission Tuning:

  • Converter control
  • Slip adjustment
  • Torque limitation
  • Clutch, gear, shift pressure controls
  • Shift points
  • Shaft speed Limits

There are over 1,000 additional adjustable parameters in addition to this list in CMR.