NEW! Pulsar LT + Trinity 2 MX Kit!

Pulsar LT plus Trinity 2 monitor kit with mount

The Ultimate Monitoring and Control Solution for your 2019-2022 GM Truck!

DiabloSport brings some of our most popular devices together to form an amazing kit! Owners of 2019-2022 5.3L/6.2L GM Gas trucks can now get in-cab control over vehicle options with the Pulsar LT, while monitoring engine vitals on the Trinity 2 MX. As a bonus, we include an application specific Trinity 2 pillar mount! The T2 9050 offers unmatched monitoring capabilities. With 100s of available PIDs for every vehicle, there is no shortage of valuable data to be had. The Trinity 2 MX even allows you to log and record the data for playback on our DataViewer PC software.

For those who are seeking more control, the Pulsar LT is THE solution. It’s simply plugged in under the hood, and then you have options control right through your steering wheel! You can make adjustments to tire size, speed limiter, disable AFM/DFM, and more. Adjustments are simple, when cruise control is not engaged, you can use the +/- buttons to make changes on the fly. Looking for better throttle response? A few taps of the + button and you are improving your driving experience with no effort! The included Trinity 2 mount is specific to the 2019-2022 GM trucks and keeps the display off of your windshield and in the perfect spot. Check out the full list of features offered by the Pulsar LT and Trinity 2 MX below.

Pulsar LT Features:

Speed Limiter Adjustment (82-140 MPH)
TPMS Adjustment (25-99 PSI)
Tire Size Correction (29″-50.9″)
Axle Ratio (2.00-6.99)
Clear DTCs
Auto Start/Stop Disable
AFM/DFM Disable
Multiple Throttle Sensitivity Levels
On-the-fly Adjustability via Steering Wheel Controls

Trinity 2 MX Features:

Full Color Touch Screen
Advanced Data Logging
Read/Clear DTCs
Backup Camera Compatibility
Screen Auto-Dim
Performance Tests (0-60, 1/4 mile, etc)
Internet Updateable via USB or WiFi
In-Cab Monitoring
Upload Custom Backgrounds
Set Gauge Alerts
Compatible with EAS (Expandable Accessory System)
Kit Includes our 28601 Display Mount!