New Sprint AFM/DFM Update and Auto Start/Stop

Sprint Gets An Overhaul With New Features

The Sprint, PN S1000, is the go-to solution for late-model GM vehicle owners to take back full control over your V6 or V8 engine.  The Sprint offers instant and simple control over the cylinder reduction systems that GM has built into 2007 and newer vehicles that reduce power, reduce responsiveness, increase engine wear, increase oil consumption, and provide horrible exhaust drone issues.  The Sprint resolves those issues instantly simply by plugging into the OBD2 port under the dash.

The newest updates, available now, on the Sprint S1000 product, include full control over the AFM feature from 2007-2018 and the new DFM (Dynamic Fuel Management) feature equipped in 2019 and newer vehicles.  The Sprint effectively shuts these options down and leaves your vehicle running on full V6 or V8 power, all the time!

BONUS FEATURE:  The Sprint now shuts off the Auto Start/Stop feature that is prevalent on many late-model vehicles.  This isn’t something you have to program or select, it simply shuts that feature off whenever it is connected to the OBD2 port.  This addition definitely solidifies the Sprint S1000 as your affordable and powerful solution to get your late model GM vehicle running on full power, all the time!