DiabloSport $20, $40, $60 Summer Rebate Promo


The time to add power and save is here!

Now is the time to take advantage of the great rebate savings from DiabloSport and equip your ride with Power You Can Feel.  DiabloSport is an industry-leader in performance tuning and provides remarkable power and value.  DiabloSport’s tuners add instant horsepower, fuel economy potential, and towing capability.  Whether you have a car, truck, SUV or Jeep®, DiabloSport has you covered with tuning to optimize your driving experience.  Bring out the hidden power in your vehicle in minutes without popping the hood or turning a wrench with the Predator 2, inTune i3, or Trinity 2 tuners.

Rebate Details:

Effective Dates:  August 15th, 2018 thru September 30th, 2018

Predator 2 Rebate: $20

inTune i3 Rebate: $40

Trinity 2 Rebate: $60

How do I Qualify? Purchase any Predator 2, inTune i3 or Trinity 2 product or kit from an Authorized Dealer or via DiabloSport.com during the promotional period.  This includes the PKIT PCM + Tuner kits, the PCM Swaps and any of our Reaper Stage 1 Intake + Tuner kits.

Deadlines:  You must have your mail-in rebate form postmarked or your online submission completed by October 15th in order to redeem your rebate.