DiabloSport Hellcat Redeye: 9.29 Pass on E85 with CMR custom tune


DiabloSport is committed to testing out the combinations and tuning needed to elevate cars, trucks, and SUV’s to the next level of performance.  The 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye has been a great testing platform and we fully intend to push it to the absolute limits while maintaining full emissions equipment.  This is a huge task, but we are committed to showing that these cars can make incredible passes while keeping emissions equipment components intact!

The track-day was set for Thursday, December 5th at OSW (Orlando Speed World) in Orlando Florida.  The temperature was in the mid-fifties with a DA (density altitude) hovering around 0.  After pulling the Redeye off the trailer, checking tire pressures and warming it to a good operating temp, we lined it up on the prepped surface to see how the new E85 tunes would shake out.  The real work to prep this car for some seriously fast passes came in the previous 2 weeks where Diablo calibrators spent time testing new E85 custom tunes in the CMR software.  The goal was simply to see how fast we can get the car using E85 and better weather conditions than our previous testing.  The Redeye put down roughly 802 HP to the tires on pump 93 and that power level produced a 9.9 1/4 mile in 2500 DA.  We know that E85 has a lot more potential for power so we made 3 custom tunes with ethanol in mind, the least aggressive of which put down roughly 853 HP.  After loading up the 853 HP tune, it was time to take it down the track.  The car launched like it never has before, putting down a 1.29 second 60 ft and finishing the 1/4 mile at 9.29 seconds at just shy of 146 MPH.  This was a huge improvement over our pump 93 octane tune times.

We were stoked to see how well the tuning was faring in more optimal weather conditions and we had plans to take the car into the extremely low 9s or even 8s, however, this wasn’t the day.  After loading up the next level of E85 custom tune into the car, we get it staged and ready for another pass.  We were gearing up for some fireworks!  However, multiple runs on the track caused uneven traction in the prep and after the burnout and launch, the hellcat’s driver’s side axle decided it had had enough.  With ball bearings spilling out over the track and no spares in the trailer, we knew the day was done.  Even with the break, we are still thrilled about getting a 1.29 60 ft and a 9.29 ET with just E85 and a 2.75 upper pulley.  There is a lot more room to get our ETs even lower.  We also have multiple tunes to test and once we get the car back together.  Stay tuned as we’ll be headed to OSW for another round of testing soon!