DiabloSport Officially Announces 50-State Legal inTune i2 PN i2050


Ogden, UT –Today DiabloSport announced the company has received a CARB (California Air Resources Board) Executive Order (EO) # D-770, for its inTune i2 performance programmer, PN i2050.

The CARB EO allows PN i2050 be sold and used in California, the state with the most rigorous emissions control rules, effective immediately. The inTune i2 PN i2050 is now available for sale and use in all 50 states, in the United States.

DiabloSport’s inTune programmer is a highly sought after performance programmer, particularly for use on late model gas trucks, SUVs, and cars. “Our team here at DiabloSport is excited with today’s announcement. We will continue to ensure that every aspect of our company is positioned to serve our existing customers, as well as the growing market demand for performance upgrades across the country.” said Jim McGinn, VP of Marketing for Powerteq LLC. McGinn continued, “Executive Order # D-770 not only extends 50-state documentation to a flagship product line, but it also paves the way for exciting new products DiabloSport plans to unveil in 2017, that will carry this same 50-state status, under the same E.O.”

With locations in both Sanford, Florida and Ogden, UT, the Powerteq brands (Edge Products, Superchips, and DiabloSport) pair a strong focus on compliance with investments in emissions testing equipment, vehicles, and state-of-the-art technology. Powerteq President Dave Martinez noted “The focus on engineering and compliance testing necessary to meet strict 50-state emissions standards from CARB and the EPA is a requirement for our brands, permitting our valued network of resellers and consumers to sell, use, and enjoy the products we bring to market.” The CARB E.O. process, and today’s announcement for DiabloSport, satisfies the legal requirements for the inTune i2 (PN i2050) in demonstrating both California and EPA emissions compliance.

Additional product announcements for DiabloSport expected this spring, and into the summer, will also include EO # D-770. DiabloSport is a Powerteq LLC brand and part of the High Performance Industries Group.


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