Trinity 2: Version 2 Update With New Features and Coverage

Trinity 2 Version 2.0 Released with Extensive New Application Coverage & Exciting Features!

DiabloSport’s Trinity 2 has taken the market by storm in 2018.  Customers across the country are experiencing power and functionality unlike anything before in the performance marketplace, with the Trinity 2 (T2).  Today, the DiabloSport team is thrilled to officially announce expanded features and application coverage via our version 2.0 update for T2.  Continuous improvement is required for Diablo to continue setting the benchmark for added horsepower and industry-leading monitoring.  Read below to explore the exciting new coverage and features now available!

Trinity 2 v 2.0 Feature Enhancements:

  • Additional SAE and calculated PIDs now available for both EX and MX Trinity 2
  • New data parameter (PID) group now available in “Miscellaneous” menu selection
  • 350 data parameter options (PIDs) added like Turbo Boost, Fuel Pressure, Trip Calculation and many more
  • New, descriptive messages while loading tunes, selecting advanced options, or troubleshooting
  • Manually adjust the refresh rate of gauges on your T2
  • Updated track ticket functionality.  Log your 0-60, ¼ mile and more.  Then export your track ticket to show your friends, share via social media, and brag about your ride!
  • Expanded upload and delete options for custom tuning via the settings menu.  Your ride constantly evolves.  Load in your select custom tuning and put things to the test.  Then, use the option to upload or remove tunes to pinpoint the perfect file for your ride.


New Application Coverage Now Available for Trinity 2!

Late model vehicle coverage is priority #1 for the team at DiabloSport.  Check out these exciting applications that are now live and loaded to the Trinity 2 for your driving pleasure.

  • 2018 F150 2.7L & 5.0L 
  • 2017-2018 F150 3.5L Ecoboost  
  • 2019 Corvette Grand Sport, Stingray, and Z06 
  • 2019 Sierra/Silverado 5.3L (Legacy/Limited) 
  • 2018 Ram 1500 5.7L

Note: Some of the new coverage above is also now available on the inTune i3 and Predator 2.