Predator2  (P2) Performance Programmers

Automotive Tuning for Jeep Wranglers and SUVs

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*Note:  CMR Custom Tuning only available on Platinum SKUs

Predator 2 – 50 State Emissions Compliant

Tuning Jeep vehicles is like second nature for us at Diablo.  Whether you are just want more power for the highway, to make it over the hills without downshifting, tackling your favorite trails with improved throttle sensitivity, or if you need some more low end torque to tow your trailer to your favorite camping spot, Predator 2 has you covered.  We’ve engineered our tunes to get you the best calibration for whatever you need your Jeep to do.  We know that customization is a huge part of Jeeping and the Predator 2 will be that modification you wish you did sooner!

Providing the most horsepower per dollar of any upgrade you do to your Jeep is just the beginning with the Predator 2.  We know you need all the custom calibration options and the ability to read and clear trouble codes to stay in tune with your vehicle.  The best part is that the Predator adds so much to the vehicle and you don’t even have to turn a wrench or pop the hood!  Add more to your Jeep® with Power You Can Feel from DiabloSport!

Predator 2 Platinum – CMR Custom Tuning Capable

The Predator 2 Platinum comes preloaded with powerful tuning and also features custom tuning capability via DiabloSport’s nationwide network of CMR custom tuners.  The P2 Platinum has you covered if you keep your vehicle stock or decide to go crazy with mods.  Equip your ride with Power You Can Feel from DiabloSport with the Predator 2 Platinum.

New design with improved horsepower and slim, sleek, case design that fits in the palm of your hand

– Performance gains you can feel
– User adjustable options for tire size/gear ratio and more
– High speed OBD-II Data Logging
– Reads/Clears Diagnostic Codes
– USB connection for updates and downloads
– 50-State Legal applications
– Platinum CMR custom tuning capable applications


Find out what the Predator 2 can do for your Jeep by selecting your vehicle below.

 Warning—2015-2017 Jeep vehicles require a DiabloSport modified PCM be installed prior to tuning.

*Note:  CMR Custom Tunes not Available on this Product


Tuning for 2005-2014 Jeep Wrangler TJ and JK

From the beginning, the Jeep® Wrangler® was built to go anywhere, but let’s face it, after modding it for off-roading with bigger tires and gears, it needs a boost. The Predator 2 programmer gives your Wrangler the power it needs on or off-road, as well as complete control over its electronics. You can calibrate for bigger wheels and tires, new gears, disable the TPMS, and a ton more! The Predator 2 also gives you options to adjust the idle for winches or any other aftermarket electronics you need for the trails or camping.

Predator 2 Programmer Key Jeep Wrangler Tuning Features:

  • Add 15+ HP, 20+ TQ**
  • Adjustable tire size
  • Adjustable gear size
  • Adjust Idle for Accessories
  • Turn off TPMS
  • Check and clear DTCs

*2015+ Jeeps® require an unlocked PCM in order to tune.  Please see our website for more details on the unlock options available to you.

**Horsepower and torque gains vary by vehicle year, make, model, and engine. Select your vehicle from our vehicle finder to get specific horsepower gains for your vehicle.