Predator 2 – A Performance Tuner for Ford F150, F250, Explorer and more!

50-State Emissions Compliant Predator 2 PN 7102

Get a rock solid performance upgrade for your 1999-2017 F-Series gas pickup with the DiabloSport Predator 2! For example, F150 trucks with a 3.5L Ecoboost will gain almost 50 horsepower and 50 ft.lbs of torque over stock just by installing the Predator’s Diablo tune for premium fuel. Naturally aspirated 5.0L or 4.6L F150 and F250 trucks can see power gains in the 20 horsepower range, with a significant increase in mid-range torque, towing performance, and fuel economy. The Predator will lets you adjust your truck’s tire size, re-set the speedometer for aftermarket gears, and remove the top speed limiter with a simple plug and play OBD-II program!

*Note:  CMR Custom Tunes not Available on this Product.

Predator 2 Platinum PN 7120

The Predator 2 Platinum for Ford trucks and SUVs is the ultimate upgrade if mods are in your future.  The Predator 2 Platinum pairs pre-loaded DiabloSport tuning with CMR custom tuning potential down the road.  You can keep your car stock or go wild with mods and the P2 Platinum has you covered.

*Note:  CMR custom tunes are only available on the P2 Platinum


Tuning for 2004-2017 F150 & Raptor Trucks

Work wonders on your F-series pickup by upgrading its towing power and street drivability with the Predator Programmer. Not only is it easy to add more power, but your truck could also benefit your fuel economy adding 1-2 MPG over stock!

Predator 2 Programmer F150 Tuning Features:

  • Add 15-30 HP, 15-30 TQ*
  • Boost towing performance
  • Calibrate Speedo for Larger Tires
  • Check and clear DTCs