Predator 2 Part Number 7302 – A Performance Tuner for Ram and Dodge Gas Trucks!


The Predator 2 for Dodge Ram 1500 and Ram 2500 picks up where the original Predator U7137 left off! The Predator 2 will increase your Ram Truck’s performance  by 15-20 horsepower over stock, and will make a huge difference in the truck’s towing performance. This simple plug and play performance tuner also lets you calibrate the truck for aftermarket axle ratios or larger than stock tires, remove the truck’s speed limiter, and a lot more. Getting upgraded performance and fuel economy on your Ram truck has never been easier- the Predator 2 will get you the performance you need with a simple plug and play installation!

*Note:  CMR Custom Tunes not Available on this Product


Tuning for 2003-2014 5.7L/6.4L Dodge and Ram trucks

The Predator 2 programmer lets you gain control over your Ram truck like never before. It increases towing power, add low-end torque and bump fuel economy with a simple OBD-II flash. Running our “Mileage Booster” tunes can increase fuel economy by 2-3 MPG. Not only can you expect great power and drive-ability gains from the Predator 2’s performance tunes, but you can also calibrate your speedometer for aftermarket tire size, and even disable the MDS system so it runs V8 at all times.

Predator 2 Programmer Ram Truck Tuning Features:

  • Add 15-25 HP, 15-25 TQ**
  • Disable MDS
  • Increase towing performance
  • Raise Speed Limit & Rev Limit
  • Calibrate for aftermarket tires
  • Mileage Booster Tuning
  • Check and clear DTCs

*2015+ 300, Ram 1500 V8’s Require an aftermarket PCM for tuning. Do NOT tune your 2015+ Ram vehicle without a Diablo Modified PCM- it may cause damage to your vehicle. You can find more information on DiabloSport Modified PCMs by clicking here.

**Horsepower and torque gains vary by vehicle year, make, model, and engine. Select your vehicle from our vehicle finder to get specific horsepower gains for your vehicle.