Custom Tuning

"Custom Tuning" is a term used to describe tunes that are built specifically for a given vehicle. Generally, these vehicles have additional modifications on them- more than just a tuner. Many aftermarket modifications available today actually require custom tuning to function at all. Some examples might be a Challenger SRT8 with aftermarket heads and Cam, a Mustang with an aftermarket cold air intake, or even a gen 5 Camaro with a supercharger! When you've started doing more performance modifications to your vehicle, it may be time for custom tuning!

What is "Custom Tuning"

Custom tuning is exactly that a tune created specifically for your vehicle and its' "custom" modifications.  If you want to take your vehicle to  the next level a custom tune is for you, you do not have to have heavy modifications to benefit from a custom tune, even a stock vehicle can see improvements as each and every vehicle performs differently.  So If you are ready and able to take your vehicle to the next level a custom tune from one of DiabloSport's CMR dealers is for you!  

Unlock the Full Potential of your Vehicle

Bolt-On vehicle modifications are perfect for gaining horsepower and tq, but what happens when you've added a bunch of new mods to your car and you notice that you're just not getting the performance you expected? It's probably time for a custom tune! Custom tunes are designed to take your aftermarket mods into consideration- many mods, like superchargers, turbos, heads & cam require a tune in order for the vehicle to run! 


DiabloSport CMR Tuning:

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  •   Optimize your A/F ratio
  •   Optimize Drivability
  •   Calibrate Vehicle Mods

DiabloSport CMR Dealers:

  •   Nationwide Tuning Network
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  •   Create Custom Tunes 
  •   Can be found at this link



DiabloSport products are not intended for sale or use in the state of California on emission regulated vehicles.

DiabloSport diesel products are not intended for use in emission controlled vehicles and are manufactured specifically for racing vehicles.