DiabloSport Reaper Stage 1 Kits

Powerful Performance Combo for your Gas Truck, Car or Jeep®

What is the Reaper kit?

The DiabloSport Reaper Stage 1 Kit is a performance combo that is designed to improve power, drivability, and mileage potential.  Pairing tuning that is designed to account for increased airflow, from a high efficiency intake, is the best way to build power on late model gas vehicles.  Reaper Stage 1 Kits take the guesswork out of trying to pair performance products from multiple companies by adding all the components in one high performance package.  Now you can take your ride to the next level with the Reaper Stage 1 Kit from DiabloSport. 

What is included in a Reaper Kit?

You will receive an inTune i3 Platinum performance programmer and a Jammer cold-air-intake for your gas vehicle with the Reaper Stage 1 Kit.  The i3’s tuning is perfectly suited to run with increased airflow that the Jammer intake provides.   In addition to the industry-leading, pre-loaded performance tunes, the i3 Platinum also includes custom tuning capabilities.  Consumers can leverage the i3 Platinum, down the road, should they elect to add a custom tune from one of Diablo’s trusted, CMR custom tuners.  With the Reaper Kit, you’re covered for now and for when you get that dream build ready with all your favorite performance parts.

Reaper Stage 1 Kits for Gas Truck

The GM Silverado/Sierra, Ford F150 and Ram 1500 lineups are some of the most popular gas trucks in the market today.  However, there is a lot of power left on the table with these powerful workhorses and that is where the Reaper comes in.  Reaper combines potent tunes designed to deliver power and torque to help on your daily drive, when towing your boat or when you’re enjoying all that power from stoplight to stoplight.  While towing, Diablo’s performance tuning helps eliminate downshifting and the Jammer intake delivers cooler, denser air at a faster clip. The results include more efficiency and an improved driving experience.

Reaper Stage 1 Kits for Cars

Whether you’re riding in a 5.0L Mustang, or a 6.4L Challenger/Charger, the Reaper Stage 1 Kit has you covered.  The most widely used performance upgrades include a performance tuner and an intake.  Sourcing these upgrades individually can leave you wondering if the two will work together.  The Reaper Stage 1 Kit is designed to capitalize on performance tuning and cold air charge from the intake.  Drive with assurance knowing you’re equipped with reputable, quality parts and “reap” the benefits of this high performance package on your late model muscle car.

Reaper Stage 1 Kits for Jeep®

Jeep® Wrangler® is one of the most capable vehicles available.  There are not many applications where you can drive right off the lot and head straight to the mountain trails.  Rugged capability is what drives so many people to upgrade these vehicles to get the most out of them.  The Reaper Stage 1 Kit is the perfect upgrade to add power, improve mileage, and help compensate for other upgrades like aftermarket tires, gears and other accessories.  The Reaper Stage 1 Kit pairs a high-efficiency intake with performance tuning designed to put the power back to the tires.  Maneuver your Jeep® through the most difficult trail or make it the perfect daily driver with DiabloSport’s Stage 1 Kit. 


Year SKU Model Engine
2011-2014 8145-R11 F-150 5.0L
2012-2014 8145-R12 F-150 3.5L Ecoboost
2014-2018 8245-R11 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 5.3L/6.2L
2009-2014 8345-R11 Dodge RAM 5.7L
2015-2017 8321-R11 Dodge RAM 5.7L
1997-2006 8445-R11 TJ Wrangler® 4.0L
2012-2014 8445-R12 JK Wrangler® 3.6L
2015-2017 8420-R11 JK Wrangler® 3.6L
2011-2014 8145-R13 Ford Mustang 5.0L
2011-2014 8345-R12 Dodge Challenger/Charger 6.4L
2015-2017 8320-R11 Dodge Challenger/Charger 6.4L