Diablo Garage – 2012 Challenger Predator Build

2012 Challenger Predator Build – Matt – Marketing – 13 year employee

My car is a 2012 Challenger SRT8 that has been modified pretty extensively.  I wanted to showcase how Diablo tuning can help bring a build together and make it a true high-performance machine that can be daily driven.  I bought my SRT8 Challenger with the plan in mind to compete with Hellcats, and in 2016 when this build took place, Hellcats were still new on the market.  I wanted to make sure that the car was built with the modifications in mind to compete with a hellcat on a track and handle daily driving with tons of miles.  The car had 74k miles when the build commenced and I had hoped to go way over 100k.

As far as the parts in the build, I knew the only way we were keeping up with hellcats was to go forced induction and the Whipple kit is one of the best around for this setup.  With the 392 engine, I knew that the pistons would need to be upgraded to handle the boost so I went with a forged piston/rod kit from HHP along with a hellcat cam, and new valve kit with springs.  I wanted to make sure this motor handled the boost of the Whipple while improving longevity.  To help handle the power the car would soon make, I opted to go with a Southern Hot Rod War Viking transmission, built to handle 850 HP.  I also added a pro-torque torque converter.  I added a AFE filter on a custom tube on the initial install to help the Whipple breathe a little better, but eventually, I upgraded to a Hellcat LMI intake with the rain cover.  There were lots of other parts included in the build to help with the fuel requirements as well.  I also added an Arrington Performance 90 MM throttle body.  We were able to build around 650 HP on pump gas and around 715 to the tires on race fuel courtesy of Drag_On Tuning at 4400 ft of elevation.  This was all done with the Predator 2 Platinum and the DiabloSport CMR software.

As far as the aesthetic portion of the build, I really liked the Hellcat hood so I sourced a factory hellcat hood and had it custom painted as the fitment on those OEM hoods is perfect on a 2012.  I got the car wrapped with Buzz Graphics in Ogden Utah to showcase the sponsors.  Air ride was also in the build plans as there is just something awesome about a bagged Challenger with serious horsepower.  I opted for the Accuair E-Level system with wifi app control and Universal Air Systems bags and components.  I also got front/rear strut braces from Speedlogix along with a fuse box cover and a billet oil dipstick.  To complete the look of the front end, I sourced an APR air splitter, and blue LED halo Oracle pre-built headlights.  I knew this car needed two different wheel/tire setups; one for the track and one for the street.  For the track setup, I went with Weld Racing wheels and Mickey Thompson ET Street R tires with skinnies up front.  The street setup is a 22″ custom painted American Racing Wheel with a Toyo Proxes 4 tires.

Future Plans

My plans are to add in some strengthened driveline components to help this car launch more effectively.  I plan to add a DriveShaft Shop driveshaft and axles.  I would love to get this car in the 10-second range at high elevation, which can be very difficult.  I have run this car in Utah and Las Vegas, with its best time being a 11.4 with an idle launch.  With stock axles and driveshaft, I am not able to launch this car the way it needs.