Diablo Garage – 2015 Ford F350 – Matt B

2015 Ford F350 – Matt – Marketing

Car Owner: 

Matt Barker – Customer Service Manager

About me:

I have worked for the company in its different forms since 2006.  I’ve worked in a bunch of departments and currently handle the marketing for DiabloSport.  I love the automotive industry and have been a big fan of anything with an engine growing up.  I enjoyed racing cars down the track, sand machines in the dunes and snowmobiles in the mountains.  My Ford is essential as I use it for daily driving and towing trailers.

What do you drive? 

2015 Ford F350 Diesel

About my ride:

My truck is primarily used for towing and daily driving.  I haven’t built this for high performance, but making real performance on a diesel can be easily attained.  I wanted to make sure the truck looked a certain way, so I went with the Ready-Lift leveling kit and RBP 20×12 wheels.  Next up is RBP steps, RBP grille, LED lighting and Jammer intake/exhaust.

What modifications have you done to your vehicle?

DiabloSport Predator 2 Tune

20×12 RBP Swat Chrome Wheels

35″ BFG All Terrain KO2 Tires

Custom Audio

Amp’D Throttle Booster

ReadyLift 2″ Leveling Kit

What future modifications do you plan on doing?

RBP Stealth Power Running Boards

LIT LED 20″ Light Bar in the Grille

RBP Grille

Aftermarket Headlights/Taillights

Jammer Intake

Jammer Exhaust

What kind of track times have you run?  What do you hope to do with future mods? 

This isn’t really a track vehicle.  I use it primarily for daily driving and towing.  I live in Utah so my Whipple’d Challenger isn’t a great year-round ride.  However, it has towed my car to events in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City without breaking a sweat as well as tons of camping trips.  I also use this truck to head to the sand dunes to enjoy my other hobbies with my Polaris RZR XP4T.