DiabloSport Racer Bart Tobener at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion


Bart Tobener is a long time drag racer and currently competes with his Coyote 5.0L based Mustang running DiabloSport custom tuning as well as a host of high performance upgrades.  We caught up with him and got the run down on his experience at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion event in Memphis, TN.


This was our first trip to the Outlaw Street Car Reunion (OSCR) held by Tyler Corssnoe in Memphis, TN. We kind of knew what to expect as it is similar to the Outlaw drag radial races @ SGMP.  We had to switch the turbo back to a Bullseye 76mm “Cast” wheel from the billet wheel, which produces a little less horsepower, but is still a very stout piece.

The weather was very nice on Friday and we went a 5.11 @145mph off the trailer, followed by a 5.01 in the second round and a 4.99 @ 145 in the third round of qualifying. They eliminated the test hit on Friday Morning because of the impending rain on Saturday and we were scheduled a 4th round of qualifying on Saturday, but mother nature had other plans. Saturday ended up being a wash. We were really hoping for another round of qualifying as we were making great improvements to the car.

As Sunday came around it was still overcast and the ground was still wet, but Tyler’s crew worked almost all night to get the track ready for us! I did not want to change too much on the car knowing that the track was not going to be as good as Friday. The first round result was just as I thought… the car spun about 10 feet out. fortunately for us our competitor broke, so I was awarded the win. During the second round of eliminations we had to run the #3 qualifier Rodney Raygan. He qualified with a 4.78. We turned up the wick a little on the car on the top end, but left it alone down low. We got out on him and i was ahead until l about 500 feet, but then he came around me. I cut a .074 light to his .264 …margin of victory for him was .018.  I was vey pleased with our progress throughout the weekend and the car is responding very well to allthe changes we are making! I can not wait till our next NMRA race next weekend at our home track Atlanta Dragway!!!OSCRMEMPHISstaginglanes