DiabloSport Sponsored Racer Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong at Mopars & Muscle Cars at the Strip in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV – Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong went four rounds to the semi-finals in her second drag race competition in her Liquid Glow Racing Magnuson supercharged 426ci Arrington Performance powered 2007 Dodge Magnum. Jennifer won all three of her first rounds in three classes at the annual Mopars & Muscle Cars at the Strip race in Las Vegas on her way to the semi-finals in the Modern Muscle class.
Jennifer, whose resume includes almost 25 years as a top Hollywood stunt performer, stunt driver and professional motocross racer, had competed in only one drag race before this weekend. Jennifer managed to win her first round in the Pro, Mopars vs the World, and Modern Muscle classes despite an issue with the car.

“This event [Mopars & Muscle Cars at the Strip] was an amazing experience” said Jennifer. “The track, the facility, the staff, the fans…. all high quality. I can see why some refer to it as a drag race palace. I went to college in Vegas, got my NHRA license at Frank Hawley’s School in Vegas so feel very at home at the track. We were in high gear all weekend both on and off the track. We ran three classes, our Liquid Glow pit was on the midway so when we weren’t on the track we were talking to fans, working on the car, selling Liquid Glow products and having a good time. After long days at the track we were still able to attended the car shows and concerts provided with the event. It was literally night and day action and I truly enjoyed every minute of it.  I have to admit when I return home from a weekend of racing it’s hard to jump back into the daily routine of life.  Things seem so much simpler at the track. Normal life stops for a bit and I get to concentrate only on my race routine and working hand in hand with Richard and Maggi to perform as best we can in the circumstances provided.”

“Jennifer did an amazing job,” said crew chief (and editor-publisher of MoparMax.com) Richard Kratz. “On race day when the car worked right, in only her second competition she put really tough opponents out in the first round of all three of her classes. Just terrific driving from the burnout and light to her rapidly developing top end game. But as the day went on and the car heated and cooled it developed an issue that I didn’t get a handle on until it was too late. Jen was cutting lights in the teens and double zeros right off the trailer on Friday and she remained consistent into Saturday. But the car started hesitating at launch, not every time, just sometimes. We know from the monitoring we do of the car that the slower lights were really the car’s fault, the car’s hesitation perfectly matched Jen’s lights. In other words, when it didn’t hesitate Jen had a good light. When it did hesitate the monitored hesitation perfectly matched the difference in the RT from the non-hesitation lights. But thanks to Jen’s great consistency on the tree, and our partners AEM Electronics and Diablosport, we were able to uncover the root cause of the inconsistency in the car and we will be in much better shape for the next race.”

The team made up to some degree for the car’s inconsistent starting line performance with good dial-ins that gave Jen room to use her driving skills at the top end. The team continues to be impressed with Jen’s learning curve.

“I was very happy to make it to the semi-finals,” said Jennifer. “Of course I always want to win, that’s why I race. But I know that I still have a lot to learn and every race, and every pass is one more round of seat of time and valuable chance to earn drag racing knowledge. It was really fun to turn on win lights and go a few rounds. This was the first time I’ve gone far enough to make the ladder so getting paired as the number of cars dwindled was exciting. I hope that I’ll continue to progress and the team and I will keep improving.  I definitely feel a final round in our near future.”

“Jen talks about her learning curve,” said Richard. “Well, the team is learning from her as well. With her 25 years of working in literally the life and death environment of doing stunts and stunt driving she has developed mental skills of calmness, focus and consistency that are contagious and spread to the team. Her physical skills behind the wheel are exemplary; we can count on her to attack the tree the same way every lap which makes it much easier to adjust the car to the track and conditions. And whether she cuts a double-oh light and wins, or goes red and loses, her attitude is always so positive—let’s figure out what we did right or wrong and get back out there—that’s Jen’s personality. She exemplifies something Frank Hawley teaches, if something is not right figure it out and make it better. And he also teaches that each round is about just that round; put everything else out of your mind and focus on what you have control of. That’s Jen, she never lets what happened last round affect her game.”

Liquid Glow Racing would like to thank crew members, Fernando Concepcion and Vanessa Huanca. Flying in and joining with crew duties for the weekend were new marketing partner Jay Caputo and marketing partner Jim Henry of JH Stunts.

Jennifer and Richard thanked their many marketing partners for making all of this possible. In addition to Liquid Glow, Magnuson Superchargers, Arrington Performance, and JH Stunts, they thanked Hedman Hedders, Westminster Performance Transmission, Driveshaft Shop, Diablosport, Media West Realty, LAT Oil, shopHEMI.com, RPM Rollbars, Mountain View Performance, Weld Racing, AEM Electronics, Manley Performance, G-Force Racing Gear, Strange Engineering, DragRacingOnline.com, MoparMax.com, iStunt.com, Armstrong Action, and Big John’s Performance.

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