DiabloSport sponsored racers at the NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals in Atlanta



DiabloSport sponsored racer Dominic from C&D AutoTech weighs in on their performance at the NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals race in Atlanta, GA.


“We showed up to the Atlanta early and on a high from the win at the previous race, set up our pit and readied to make our first test pass with the new converter.  Well, we went out and with the converter change, it caused us to pull the wheels up and had to abort the run.   Same thing happened on our successive test passes and qualifying hits, even with tightening up the suspension and making tweaks to the chassis.  We didn’t get a full clean pass until E1 on Saturday, and cut our best ever 60′ of 1.138, but lost by about 3.5 feet at the stripe despite being ahead on the track all the way.  Our competitor, Toby Hobson, had his car on kill on the back half of the track and was 5 mph faster, allowing him to come around us in the final few feet despite our having the hole shot at the starting line.”