Jim H – Engineering – 2016 Challenger Hellcat

Jim H – Engineering – 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Car Owner: 

Jim H – Engineering

About Me:

I’m a software engineer and love being able to combine my passion for technology and computers with my passion for cars. Growing up I was a gear head and worked in old school speed shops. I moved over into the techology world and have beena programmer for many years. Several years ago I got the opportunity to combine computers and hot rodding by coming to work here and haven’t looked back! I’m not a “brand” guy. If it’s fast I like it.

What do you drive? 

2016/Dodge/Challenger Hellcat/6.2

About my ride:

It’s a 2016 Hellcat Challenger A8. I’ve been a stick guy all my life and this is the first auto car I’ve owned. The smarts in these new transmission controllers are amazing and one of the things that pushed me to get an auto. Currently the car is mostly stock. It’s got an LMI intake, a DiabloSport 93 tune in it and a pair of 555R drag radials. This is my daily driver and I love it. This car is really easy to drive, Dodge did an amazing job.

What modifications have you done to your vehicle?

LMI intake

Diablosport Modified PCM and Trinity T2

Nitto NT5655R Drag Radials

What future modifications do you plan on doing?

Diff Brace Injectors

Upper pulley

Pin the crank

Maybe a blower upgrade (IHI 3.0) or a port my stock blower

Maybe 3.09 gears but I love my 2.62s on long trips 🙂

Maybe a drive shaft

Going to try updating the Radio and electronics to a 2018

Also going to try updating the PCM to a 2018 calibration and try an E85 flex tune 🙂

What kind of track times have you run?  What do you hope to do with future mods? 

Current best is 10.984 @ 128.16 with a 1.69 60′

I’d like to be in the low 10s possibly high 9s with a street tune? We’ll see. I know I’m going to have to do some work to get the power down too.