Leah Pritchett sets new 1/4 mile Record in DiabloSport Tuned Dodge Demon

DiabloSport has been leading the way in late model MOPAR for a long time and its no surprise that the fastest MOPAR to come off the production lines, the Dodge Demon, was right in our crosshairs as soon as it was available.  We’ve since launched full support for the Demon including unlocked PCMs, PCM Swap kits and our Performance Kits that pair an unlocked PCM and an inTune i3 or Trinity 2 of your choice.   We know that we aren’t the only ones laser-focused on getting the best times possible at the drag strip.  Our friends at GearHead Fabrications and SpeedKore had a build in the works that was sure to be a record breaker.  So DiabloSport got involved!

The car is a 2018 Dodge Demon, which is equipped with up to 840 HP with the racing ECU from Dodge.  It is a 6.2L that is powered by a Demon Supercharger that is very capable right off the showroom floor.  However, Gearhead Fabrications and SpeedKore had different plans, and those included two 68mm turbos!  With the addition of dramatically more boost, a couple other items such as fuel system upgrades, an upgraded torque converter, and an upgraded driveshaft were necessary.  The motor, transmission, and rear end were left completely stock.  To pull all of these upgrades together to make them work seamlessly together, the car would need the best tuning available for these vehicles and that’s where DiabloSport got involved.  Brian McMahan, from Drag-On Tuning, is about as experienced as it gets in the MOPAR tuning world.  This car needed an amazing tune to get it in the record books as the fastest Demon around.  Brian used the DiabloSport CMR custom tuning software and the Trinity 2 to get this car tuned and ready to head for the Great Lakes Dragaway in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  To take the car down the track, SpeedKore brought in a very capable driver who has had quite a bit of experience with the Demon as a Dodge Sponsored racer who also is the current factory stock champ and a Top Fuel record holder, Leah Pritchett.  The stage was set to combine the 1400 HP twin turbo Demon, now aptly named Lucifer, with a top-tier drag racer.

The first run of the day hit a 9.07, which is close to the current record right off the trailer.  Of course, the whole crew knew there was more to be had and that is where Brian and Leah got together to figure out what the car needed in terms of tuning and the burnout to get the car to hook and take advantage of all that power!  The 2nd run down the track was a huge improvement coming in at 8.81 at 162 MPH.  The new record was set and it was time for celebration.  Brian and Mario, from Gearhead Fab, had set a goal that day to try to get into the 8.7 range and now was the time to give it a shot.  Brian went ahead and made some additional changes to the tuning to compensate for the track and how the previous runs had gone using the data logging features built into the Trinity 2.  With a huge smoky burnout to get the tires warm, the Demon and Leah were ready to raise the bar even higher.  The following run came in at 8.77 at 161 MPH!  This time had beaten the previous demon record by almost a 1/4 of a second.  Setting a record that low is just the tip of the devilish iceberg for the team at Gearhead Fabrications and SpeedKore as they are going to get right back to work on the Demon after the SEMA show at the end of October.