Trinity T2 MX - Performance Monitor

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The Trinity 2 MX is the most advanced digital gauge solution on the market.  An eye-catching, 5″ capacitive-touch screen gives you the sharpest graphic display available so you can keep a close eye on your vehicle while improving the aesthetics of your dash.  An all-new, high-speed, processor provides easy swipe gestures and navigation throughout the product resulting in a user experience that will be like nothing else in the automotive aftermarket.

The T2 MX is the perfect addition for any for any supported OBD2 equipped car, truck, or SUV.” .  Analog gauges are a thing of the past as the Trinity 2 gives you expanded monitoring capabilities, diagnostics, performance tests, data logging, and a path to upgrade to a full-featured performance tuner (coming soon) with an easy internet update.  With high-definition graphics, an industry-leading display, and legendary DiabloSport quality, the T2 is the best upgrade you can add to your ride. 



  • Full-color, high-definition 5″ capacitive touch screen
  • High speed data logging with export capability
  • Customizable gauge screen “Layouts” where users can create and customize numerous Layouts containing up to 5 different gauge screens per Layout
  • One-Touch, easy menu navigation
  • Wi-Fi Updating
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
  • Swipe the screen left or right to toggle between user-selected gauge screens within a Layout
  • Custom color mixer to customize gauge arcs, backgrounds
  • Switch between imperial or metric units of measure
  • Performance tests like 1/4 mile, 0-60 mph
  • Support for our Expandable Accessory System (EAS)


EAS Expandability 

Having the best gauge setup on the market definitely satisfies the needs of most.  The Trinity MX has the ability to go way beyond that with the Expandable Accessory System.  The EAS product line allows you to add basically any sensor you can think of to your T2.  Wideband O2 sensors for your custom-tuned car or truck, EGT sensors for your diesel-powered towing machine, and basically anything you can think of that you want displayed on your monitor, the T2 can handle it.  Boost pressure, intake or trans temps, we have solutions for anything you want to see and include in your logs! Now you’re not limited to buying bulky analog gauges because the vehicle manufacturer forgot that one important parameter that you need to keep an eye on!

Trinity MX Monitor