2022 Ram 2500 6.4L Pulsar Support is Here!

On-The-Fly Tuning for 2022 Ram 6.4L is Here!

Owners of 2022 Ram 2500 models powered by the 6.4L Hemi can now take advantage of all that Pulsar has to offer. The 32454 Pulsar coverage has been expanded to include the 2022 model year applications. With multiple power levels up to 25 rwhp over stock, your 392 powered Ram will deliver power like never before. Pulsar adds more great features, like the ability to disable MDS for full time V8 operation. We even give you multiple levels of throttle sensitivity that you can adjust. All changes are made in real time, through the factory cruise control switches on your dash!

Simple installation, amazing features, and on-the-fly control. No PCM unlocks. The 32454 for 6.4L Ram delivers!

Features and Options:

  • All Adjustments Made on-the-fly
  • Calibrate Tire Size to Correct Speedometer
  • Adjust Gear Ratio value
  • Disable MDS for Full Time V8
  • Adjust Throttle Response
  • Add up to 25 RWHP
  • Multiple Power Levels
  • Read/Clear DTCs

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pulsar 32454 for 2022 Ram 2500 6.4L