AMP’D 2.0 Now Supports Ford Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L!

Amp'd for bronco, enhance your throttle response

AMP Up Your Bronco’s Driving Experience With AMP’D 2.0!

The new Bronco has been a hit with the masses. However, like many new vehicles, it can leave much to be desired in the throttle response department. DiabloSport is here to help! The AMP’D 2.0 Throttle Booster, 18862-2, will give you the throttle feel you are after. With a Bluetooth Remote control and app based support for your iOS or Android device, its the BEST throttle booster you can buy. Offering 5 preloaded curves, plus 3 user defined custom curves, you’ll have full throttle control.

AMP’D 2.0 will breathe new life into your Ecoboost powered Bronco. From reduced spool times to more responsive pedal feel, you’ll love how your vehicle drives. Whether you are off-roading, or cruising the highways, enhancing your throttle response will make the experience better. At the new low price, AMP’D 2.0 is the best value in Throttle Boosters. Get yours today!

AMP’D 2.0 Features and Benefits:

  • New Lower Cost!
  • Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L Now Supported!
  • Bronco Sport 1.5L and 2.0L Coverage
  • Reduce Turbocharger Spool Time
  • Removes Factory Pedal Lag
  • Industry Exclusive Wireless Bluetooth Remote
  • Exclusive User Defined Throttle Curves Through Mobile App
  • Improves Drivability
  • Support for 100s of vehicles from 2003-current
  • iOS and Android Smart Phone App
  • Simple Plug and Play Installation!
  • 5 Preset Throttle Curves plus 3 User Defined Custom Curve Slots!