Bronco Sport 2.0T Tuning from DiabloSport is Here!

Let Your Bronco Sport Run Free With DiabloSport!

Ford made a huge splash with the reintroduction of the Bronco, and the first to hit the streets was the Bronco Sport model. With multiple trim levels and equipment packages, there are options for everyone! If you have a Badlands or First Edition package,  powered by the 2.0T engine, DiabloSport has something for you!  We are proud to announce the addition of tuning coverage on the Predator 2 7120, inTune 3 8145, and Trinity 2 9145 models. Multiple tunes are provided, including specific 87, 91 and 93 octane files. Gains on 93 offer up to 36 HP and 42 TQ over stock! The result of these gains are a better driving and faster accelerating Bronco Sport. 0-60 times are reduced by 1.2 seconds! That’s Power You Can Feel!

While we all want more power, we have even more to offer. One of the first mods most will make to their Bronco Sport is to add larger tires.  While that increases the trucks off-road prowess, it also makes the speedo read incorrectly. We allow you tell the vehicle what the new tire size is, so the speedometer will be properly calibrated. We also offer speed limiter disabling, idle speed adjustment, and so much more. Specific options will vary by vehicle. Please configure your vehicle above to see specific features and options for your Bronco Sport.

Features and Options:

  • 93 Octane Tune 36 HP/42 TQ
  • 91 Octane Tune 28 HP/34 TQ
  • 87 Octane Tune 16 HP/23 TQ
  • Knock 1.2 seconds off your 0-60 times!
  • Adjust for Tire Size and Gear Ratio
  • Cooling Fan Adjustment
  • Disable Top Speed Limiter
  • Idle Speed Adjustment
  • Disable Auto Start-Stop
  • Spark Timing Adjustment
  • WOT Fueling Adjustments*
  • TPMS On/Off*
  • Adjust TPMS Threshold Front/Rear*
  • Auto Lock Enable/Disable*
  • Remote Start Duration*
  • Remote Unlock Configuration*

    *not all features supported on all devices, please configure your vehicle to see specific options


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