DiabloSport Tuning Now Available For 2020 Dodge/Chrysler 5.7L & 6.4L Cars

2020 Dodge Challenger Charger Tuning

DiabloSport Tuning Now Available For 2020 Dodge/Chrysler 5.7L & 6.4L Cars

DiabloSport tuning is now available on 2020 Dodge and Chrysler cars with the 5.7L and 6.4L engines.  Diablo delivers big performance increases in the timing and fueling tables along with optimized shifting in the transmission to clean up the factory shift strategies and improve them for increased performance and responsiveness.  DiabloSport delivers Power You Can Feel on late model MOPARs!

Adding power to the Challenger, Charger, and 300 applications aren’t as simple as putting a few extra HP on the top end.  We go into the entire fueling and transmission mapping to clean up the power delivery and shifting to improve drivability across the entire curve and in all driving situations.  You won’t just feel more power with the included Diablo tuning, you’ll feel more crisp shifting, improved throttle response, and more predictable power delivery.  We know that everyone who owns one of these cars isn’t at the drag strip every weekend, but rather using these cars as daily drivers and weekend warriors.  We made sure the DiabloSport tuning is optimized for the street and the track.  Equip your ride with Power You Can Feel from DiabloSport today.

POWER LEVELS:                       5.7L                 6.4L

  • 93 Octane Performance Tune:  20 HP 25 TQ     20 HP 18 TQ
  • 91 Octane Performance Tune:   18 HP 20 TQ     18 HP 16 TQ


  •  Tire Size Adjustment – 20”-44”
  • Speed Limiter – On/Off
  • Throttle Booster – 1-20%
  • Fan Temps – 150-230 Degrees
  • Idle Speed Adjust – +/- 400 RPM
  • Rev Limiter Drive/Neutral – +/- 500 RPM
  • WOT Fuel Adjustment – 1-7K +/- 20%
  • WOT MBT Spark 1-7K +/- 10
  • WOT Spark – 1-7k +/- 10
  • MDS – On/Off


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