L5P Duramax Tuning Now Available From DiabloSport!

L5P Duramax Tuning is Here!

DiabloSport again delivers an innovative tuning solution, this time for the long awaited 2017-2019 Duramax L5P applications! The new Predator 2, 7225-R allows you to tune your 6.6L Duramax powered truck in your driveway. As many owners are aware, the L5P ECM is locked from the factory. We’re offering a tuning solution that includes the ECM unlock. The purchase of the Predator 2 includes the cost of sending the ECM to us to be unlocked. We then overnight it back to you ready for installation in your vehicle. At that point, you can tune it like you would any other vehicle! This is the best solution available for adding some much needed performance and mileage to any L5P powered Silverado or Sierra HD.

Huge Gains!

While the process of getting into the ECM is a little different on the L5P, the end results are exactly what you’d expect. That means, awesome gains in Horsepower and Torque. Looking for more towing power? How does 75 HP and 150 lb/ft over stock sound? Seeking max performance? The Extreme Performance tune offers gains of 150 HP and 350 lb/ft over stock! We’ve provided a dyno chart below that breaks down the power gains of each tune level. These strong gains result in some incredible performance improvements. If you would like to knock 1.2 second off your trucks 0-60 times, you need the Predator 2!

New Features

As we continue to develop on new platforms, we find new features to offer our customers. Some examples of new options for the L5P applications are the addition of both ‘Throttle Boost’ and a ‘keep last drive mode’ option. Throttle Boost allows users to make adjustments to the throttle pedal sensitivity right through the tuner. Everyone has a preference regarding throttle response, and now you can set it how you like it. The ‘keep last drive mode’ options is just like it sounds. Enable this, and your truck will remember the last drive mode you were in when you shut the truck off. Next time you start the truck, it will be in the same mode it was when you last shut it off.

Tunes and Options:

  • Tow Performance:              75 HP – 150 FT/LBS
  • Economy Tune:                100 HP – 200 FT/LBS
  • Light Tow Perf:                 125 HP – 250 FT/LB
  • Extreme Performance:    150 HP – 350 FT/LB
  • Disable Top Speed Limiter
  • Correct Speedo For Tire and Gear Changes
  • Throttle Booster
  • Increase Rev Limit
  • Adjust Idle RPM
  • Trans Adaptive relearn
  • TPMS Threshold Adjustment
  • Real Time High Idle Adjustment
  • DPF Manual Regen
  • DPF Mobile Regen
  • Keep Last Drive Mode


ECU Send In

Upon receiving the 7225-R tuner, you will submit our ECM send in form, which can be found here:


You’ll be provided with details to send the ECM to us for unlock. We’ll overnight it back to you ready for installation and tuning in the vehicle.


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Dyno Gains on a 2017 Silverado 2500 L5P:

2017 L5P Dyno Chart