ALL NEW Pulsar XT for Jeep® 2.0T Now Available!

Add Power On The Fly With Pulsar XT!

The all new Pulsar XT is another innovative tuning product from DiabloSport! The Pulsar line offers easy to install performance modules with no need to remove or modify the factory PCM. Pulsar XT for 2.0T Jeep® builds on that with support for the popular 2018+ 2.0T Wrangler models. With gains of up to 20 RWHP and 30 ft/lbs at the wheels, the Pulsar 42454 delivers Power You Can Feel. You’ll also notice improved throttle response as you adjust the levels. Adjustments to tune tune level can be made on the fly, using your cruise control +/- buttons.

In addition to improved power output and throttle feel, Pulsar XT offers some great features, like the  ability to calibrate the speedo for taller tires or different gears. Tired of that annoying Auto Start/Stop feature? Turn it off! We also give you the ability to adjust the TPMS threshold, or disable the sensors entirely. In the event you ever get a Check Engine Light, you can read and clear the DTC using the Pulsar XT.

Support is available for all 2018 to current 2.0T powered Wrangler models (including e-torque and non e-torque). Check out the 42454 Pulsar XT here.

Features and Options:

  • Gains of 20 RWHP and 30 FT/LBS over stock
  • Reduce 0-60 Times by up to a half second!
  • Adjust Power Levels on the Fly
  • Power Level Displayed on Factory Dash
  • Change Power Levels Using Cruise Control +/- Buttons
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Adjust for Tire Size up to 49″ to Calibrate Speedometer
  • Gear Ratio Adjustment
  • Disable Auto Start/Stop
  • TPMS Threshold Adjust from 20-69 PSI
  • Enable/Disable TMPS
  • Read/Clear DTCs

Pulsar XT for Jeep 2.0T

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Pulsar XT Gains on 93 Octane Fuel:

Pulsar XT gains on 93 octane fuel on 2020 2.0T Jeep Wrangler