Rubicon 392 Coverage Expanded to 2022!

The HEMI Powered Rubicon Gets Even More Power

You bought a 392 powered JL because you wanted V8 power, and we completely understand. In fact, knowing the 392 as well as we do, we knew there had to be something left on the table. We were right! The 2022 Rubicon 392 gets the same great tuning options we offered for the first model year. That means gains of up to 14 rwhp over stock, improved throttle response, MDS disable options and more. Trinity 2 and inTune 3 deliver useful functions like tire size adjustment up to 44″, so your speedometer will always read correctly. If you are looking for a way to completely disable Traction Control, look no further. We even give you the ability to set your target cooling fan temp for use with a cooler t-stat. You won’t find a more thorough tuning solution for your Rubicon 392!

As with all 2015+ Jeep applications, a modified pcm and gateway bypass module are required. The T2 and i3 swap devices include the required module and include a one time PCM swap. We’ll send you an unlocked PCM, you send your original back. Install the gateway bypass PCM per the instructions, then tune away!

Features and benefits:

  • 93 Octane Diablo Tune
  • 91 Octane Tune
  • Adjust Tire Size up to 44″
  • MDS Disable / Enable
  • Throttle Boost Adjustment
  • Rev Limiter Adjustment in Drive/Neutral
  • Speed Limit On/Off
  • WOT Timing Adjustment
  • Adjust Fueling at WOT
  • Idle Speed Adjustment
  • Set Target Cooling Fan Temp

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