Tune Your 2022 Camaro SS With DiabloSport!

2022 Camaro SS Support from Diablosport

 2022 Camaro SS/LT1 Tuning is Here!

DiabloSport has been tuning GMs muscle cars for 2 decades now, and we bring that experience to you with 2022 Camaro SS/LT1 support. The 6.2L powered Camaro is a great platform to start with, but everything could use a little more power, right? 20 rwhp over stock is available from our 93 Octane Diablo tune. Of course there’s more to it than just adding power. For those seeking better throttle response, we allow you to adjust it to your liking.  Other use adjustable options include speed limit disable, AFM disable, and advanced timing and fueling controls!

With 3 different devices to choose from, we offer something for everyone. Be sure to configure your vehicle on our site to see the specific features and options available on each device.

Features and Options:

  • Performance Tunes
    • Diablo Tune (93 Octane) – 20 HP & 10 LB-FT of TQ
    • 91 Octane Tune – 15 HP & 8 LB-FT of TQ
  • Available Options*
    • Gear Ratio Adjustment
    • Tire Size Adjustment
    • Cooling Fan Control
    • AFM Disable – On/Off
    • Wide Open Throttle Timing Advance/Ret vs. RPM – +/- 10*
    • Throttle Boost – +/- 20%
    • Wide Open Throttle Fuel Control – +/- 20%
    • Idle RPM Adjust Drive/Neutral – +/- 400 RPM
    • Adjustable Rev Limiter – +/- 600 RPM
    • Speed Limiter Control – On/Off
    • TPMS Threshold adjust (P2 only)*

*Not all options available on all devices, please configure your vehicle on the website to see specifics