Part Number - I-1000-DCX

Designed for 2011+ Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Rams to make power, economy and torque!

  •  Increased Mileage
  • More Performance
  •  Diagnostic Code Reader
  •  Virtual Drag Strip

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Performance & Economy

The inTune is a color touch screen OBD-II Programming device that add Power you can Feel to your car or truck!


Simple PC Connectivity

inTune features the industry's easiest updates on PC computers! Simple plug and play update installation makes it easy enough that anyone can update an inTune!


Data Logging

Record up to 30 minutes of high speed OBD-II Parameter data on your inTune, or stream it to your PC or Laptop!


Diagnostic Code Reader

Save money having to check and clear dashboard lights- the Trinity can check and clear diagnostic trouble codes on any supported OBD-II Vehicle


Custom Tuning

If you’re taking your ride to the next level and adding other performance mods to your car or truck, a custom tune from a DiabloSport CMR Custom Tuning Dealer is for you


The inTune I-1000-DCX has all the same great features as the inTune it has just been formulated to work with 2011 plus Chrysler vehicles.

The inTune comes preloaded with canned tunes. We spend hundreds of hours developing tunes for your vehicle for maximum safe power and torque for your application.

Full color touch screen. Follow the instructions and use the color touch screen to easily program your vehicle.

The inTune updates automatically via the provided USB cable and internet connection on a PC.

5 volt input. The input allows you to hook up several aftermarket accessories like wide band O2 sensors

Holds up to 5 custom tunes. Use our worldwide network of CMR tunes to step above our canned tunes.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader. Read trouble codes with a detailed description without ever having to visit a repair shop.

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We've spent thousands of engineering hours to bring more tuning options that increase horsepower, torque and fuel economy for your ride. Select your vehicle from the pull down menu above to see the tunes calibrated to your vehicle.

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Adjustable Parameters

Most supported vehicles offer the ability to remove the top speed limiter, adjust the speedometer for gear and tire size changes, modify transmission shifting, and much more! For a specific list of what parameters and modifiable options are available for your car or truck, select your ride from the pull down menu above.

To keep up with EPA regulations, many modern vehicles' engine management systems implement an 8 to 4 cylinder dropdown when the extra displacement is not needed (also known as “MDS” in MOPAR, or “DOD” in GM). The unfortunate part about this function is that, when coupled with many aftermarket performance exhaust systems, the sound in 4-cylinder mode is less than ideal. This parameter lets you deactivate that function for full time 8-cylinder operation and bring back the muscle car sound.

Changing the gears in your differentials is an excellent way of improving acceleration and "off the line" performance, but going to deeper gears will also make your speedometer read higher than the actual vehicle speed.  This parameter adjusts the speedometer signal to give you a true reading again. For use with most popular aftermarket gear ratios.

Adjusts the signal to display a true speedometer and odometer reading after changing tire sized.

Automatic Dodge/Chrysler vehicles have a great feature called “AutoStick” that lets the driver select each gear change with a push of the shifter lever.   In the stock configuration, the transmission will still shift to the next gear when the engine hits a certain RPM, even in the Autostick mode.  Activating this parameter will let the driver hold the transmission in each gear as long as he wants.  Excellent for nights at the local dragstrip!

Allows the disabling of ESP for use on the dyno, at the dragstrip, or even a road course.

Allows user to enable fog lights with daytime running lights

Adjust the idle speed on the fly.

Allows user to enable or disable the one touch turn signal settings.

Adjust the factory engine RPM limit to a higher cutoff range.

Allows you to adjust each individual shift point by MPH and RPM, at both part-open and wide-open throttle.

Allows you to adjust the setting of the vehicle's governed top-speed limiter.

Adjust the throttle response setting to takes out the "lag" associated with modern Drive-By-Wire throttle control.

The Diablosport performance tunes are designed to all but eliminate the factory torque management to put more of your engine's power directly to the ground. No need to select it in the Adjustable Parameters, it's already built into the tune!

Disable the OEM active fuel management feature that forces the engine to use only 4 cylinders instead of all 8 cylinders. Available RPM ranges: 2000-4000 and 4000-7000 RPM. NOTE: Installation of aftermarket modifications (camshafts, stroker kits, etc.) will require a custom tune.

Changing the gears in your differentials is an excellent way of improving acceleration and "off the line" performance, but going to deeper gears will also make your speedometer read higher than the actual vehicle speed.  This parameter adjusts the speedometer signal to give you a true reading again. For use with most popular aftermarket gear ratios.

Adjusts the speedometer signal to give you a true reading after changing the gears in your differential. For use with most popular aftermarket gear ratios.

Allows the user to control the electric radiator cooling fans based on coolant temperature. This adjustment is often useful when switching to a cooler thermostat, or whenever greater airflow is needed, such as towing or even driving around town.

Most late-model musclecars with manual transmissions have an electronic “lock-out” that prevents the driver from selecting certain gears at certain speeds.  All of our performance tunes automatically disable this function to let you row through all six gears like a real manual should!

Also known as Electronic Stability Programming, ESP assists the driviner in maintaining vehicle stability and control in adverse conditions. By default, ESP thresholds are reduced in the DiabloSport Performance Tunes, but in certain conditions, like racing, the stability control can work against driver inputs when pushing a vehicle to its limits. Selecting the “Disable Traction Control” parameter will disable the ESP and ABS systems completely for use on the dyno, at the dragstrip, or even a road course.

Although our Performance tunes have improved fuel mapping to add power and torque in a stock application, our tuning devices allows the user to further adjust the Air/Fuel mixture at Wide Open Throttle to compensate for certain modifications in the RPM ranges that need it most. Available ranges are 1000-3800, 4000-5000, and 5000-7000 RPM. NOTE: Many modifications, like aftermarket cams, stroker kits, etc., will still require a custom tune and it is recommended to at least have a wideband Air/Fuel sensor installed before making these adjustments.

This will allow the end user to lock either front or rear axle using the tune. The axles will remain locked as long as the unit is displaying that screen. Once the screen is exited, the lock settings will go back to normal settings.

Your vehicle's automatic transmission control module (TCM) has an adaptive strategy, which means that it can make adjustments to the automatic shifting characteristics based on driving habits. Sometimes the need to start over arises, but the reset typically involves pulling fuses or disconnecting the vehicle’s battery. This parameter lets you reset the TCM only without fuss or hassle.

Diablosport's Electronic Shift Kit. Most automatic cars and trucks have very conservative settings from the factory in regards to the feel of shifting through the gears. They're calibrated to transition from gear to gear as smoothly as possible for the average driver, but many enthusiasts prefer a harder shift on each gear. This parameter allows you to firm up the feel of the shifts, or restore it back to stock through the Quick Adjust Menu.

All of our Performance tunes have revised spark mapping to improve power, but changing conditions and certain modifications (like Nitrous Oxide or high octane race fuel) can benefit from further adjustment to the timing. This parameter allows you to select the RPM range at WOT (Wide Open Throttle) that needs adjustment most (advance or retard), rather than having to move it across the whole RPM range of the engine. Available RPM ranges are: 1000-3800k, 4000-5000, and 5000-7000.

Allows user to disable the electronic sway bar on Rubicon models.

Lowers the value of PSI at which the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) warning light illuminates on the dash.

Increases the performance and drivability of your vehicle which traction control normally fights against when in a performance situation at the track.

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  1. What's the Difference Between the inTune DCX and the Trinity?

    The Trinity and inTune share the same tuning parameters and tune options; however, the Trinity has a larger screen, better graphics, mounting solutions, virtual gauges, and a virtual drag strip. inTune is a simple handheld programmer that is designed to simply install a tune on a vehicle.

  2. Does the inTune DCX void my warranty?

    No- the inTune DCX does not leave any traces in your vehicle when you restore the original settings.

  3. Is the inTune DCX an App for iPhone or Android?

    No- the inTune is a color touch screen tuning device designed and manufactured by DiabloSport, Inc. While the unit may look like a smart phone it is actually smaller and more light weight than your typical android or iPhone device.

  4. Does the inTune DCX have to stay plugged in to my vehicle for it to have the tune?

    No- The inTune DCX does not need to stay plugged in- the vehicle will be tuned until the factory settings are restored.

  5. Can the inTune DCX be used as a monitor?

    No- The inTune is designed record data, but does not have gauges or monitoring functions.

  6. Does the inTune DCX include everything I need to tune my vehicle in the box?

    Yes- inTune includes an I-1000, a USB to mini-USB cable, a quick start guide, and an OBD-II Connection cable.

  7. Can I update the inTune DCX on my Mac computer?

    Yes- the inTune is updatable using drag and drop functions on Macintosh computers.

  8. Does the inTune I-1000DCX Work on vehicles other than 11+ Dodge, Chrysler, Jeeps, or Rams?

    No- the inTune I-1000DCX only works on 11+ Dodge/Chrysler vehicles. For inTunes with support for other vehicles, use part number I-1000.

  9. Does the inTune DCX record/log data from a vehicle?

    Yes- the inTune DCX will save up to 30 minutes of vehicle data. Data logs can be viewed with our free PC Software Data Viewer.

  10. Can I tune more than one vehicle with my inTune DCX?

    Yes- inTune DCX can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, but the tune can only be installed on ONE vehicle at a time.

  11. Does the inTune DCX void my vehicle's warranty?

    No- the Trinity does not leave any traces in your vehicle when you restore the original settings.

  12. What is the warranty on the inTune DCX?

    The inTune DCX has a one year warranty when purchased through an Authorized DiabloSport Dealer.

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I-1000-DCX inTune for 11-13 Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ram Gas Vehicles

I-1000-DCX inTune for 11-13 Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ram Gas Vehicles

$499.99 $449.99

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T1028 Replacement \

T1028 Replacement "NEW STYLE" inTune OBD-II Cable


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T1015 Analog Pigtail Cable

T1015 Analog Pigtail Cable

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C2000: DiabloSport OBD-II Port Cover

C2000: DiabloSport OBD-II Port Cover


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